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Sheesh Gumbad

It is unclear, but according to historians, Sheesh Gumbad must be Sultan Bahlol Lodi’s tomb. His reign was from 1451-89 AD. It is usually believed that the ruler is buried in a humble looking tomb in some other part of Delhi, but historians suspect this one to be his tomb.

As dusk falls, area around Sheesh Gumbad becomes the hub of hundreds of birds. Tourists can find pigeons and mynahs chirping on thick trees around, crows on leafless trees full of songs, and eagles flying around big circles over the tomb.

Despite the sound-filled sky, tourists can find people jogging, exercising, or simply lazing around. Lodi Garden is one of the most popular gardens of Delhi and a favorite place for fitness enthusiasts.

It is also the perfect spot for picnics, photography, and a romantic gateway.


Sheesh Gumbad is located in the center of Lodi Garden on a man-made hill. “Sheesh” means “glass.” The vibrant blue tiles embellished on the tomb’s façade attract attention. The tomb features a fine example of Lodi architecture.

There is a high dome on a high base with a lotus atop the dome. To resemble a multi-storied structure, arched niches are used on two levels. One of the most striking features is the leaf motif décor along the drum and the roof.

It is not just the glassy blue tiles that catch the eye, but the entire intricacy of the tomb seizes attention. There is a long crack that runs along the side of the tomb. Despite this, the tomb manages to keep its grandeur thanks to a combination of marvelous detailing and artistic work. It is a treat for history lovers and admirers of art.

The inside of Sheesh Gumbad is dark. Tourists can find several unadorned and unmarked graves in a row on rough floor. Corners feature squinches to support the big dome. The walls are plain with chipped white plaster. The concave surface of the dome is adorned with a big medallion comprising of calligraphy and floral patterns. There is an 8-point star at the medallion. Its vertices touch the exquisite calligraphy band at the dome’s circumference. The entire roof surface features a layer of orange plaster. Designs are covered with white bird droppings.


Best Time to Visit

Tourists can visit Sheesh Gumbad all year round. Walking in Lodi Gardens under the winter sun is a pleasant experience.

How to Reach

Delhi is well-connected with rails, roads, and airways with the rest of India. Buses, cabs, auto rickshaws, and metro trains are available to reach Lodi Gardens.


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