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Iron Pillar

The Iron Pillar is world’s one of the most foremost metallurgical curiosities. It is almost seven mtr in height and weighs more than six tons. It was built by Chandragupta II Vikramaditya (375–414 CE) and is the only piece of the Jain temple that is remaining and which stood there before getting destroyed by Qutb-ud-din Aibak. Around the pillar, a fence was created due to the famous tradition that considered it a good luck stating that if one could stand with his/her back to the pillar join both hands, there is auspicious situation welcomed . Quwwatu'l-Islam mosquehas a courtyard in which stands the famous iron pillar, and bears a Sanskrit inscription in Gupta script, paleographical assignable to the 4th century.

The pillar is evident from somewhere along the pages from ancient records with not many records. There is a strong tradition, which was brought here by Anangpal, the Tomar king and he is the one being credited with the founding of Delhi.

Since it is the only piece of Jain temple that got saved from destruction, most of the people come here to visit this place and know more about it. Many international as well as domestic tourists form an integral part of the tourism. Also, the local crowd is highly attracted towards this place. Many school and college trips are organized on weekdays and weekends by schools and colleges. Also, the families come here often to spend good times and know more about history.


As per the inscription’s records, the pillar was set up as a standard of Vishnupada. It is a hill on which the dhvaja of Lord Vishnu rests. It is in the memory of 'Chandra', a mighty king, who is presently regarded as a lookalike of Chandragupta II (375-413) of the imperial Gupta dynasty. The pillar has a deep hole on the top indicating indicates an additional member, perhaps an image of 'Garuda', which was fitted into it to solution to its description as a standard of Vishnu.

How to Reac

By Air

The closest airport to Iron Pillar is the Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi.

By Rail

The closest railway station to Iron Pillar is the Nizamuddin Railway Station Junction, New Delhi.

By Road

Properly connected and well maintained roads help visitors have a good traveling experience. To reach the complex, take the metro to Qutab Minar station, then take an auto rickshaw for the 1km to the ruins. Iron Pillar is located in the Qutub Minar Complex and has many options to get there. Travelers those who want to opt for self-transport options can easily hire a can (available in prepaid and postpaid services) or a driver for personal vehicles at affordable rates.


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