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Sultanpur Lodhi

Sultanpur Lodhi has been serving as a city and a municipal council located in the district of Kapurthala in the state of Punjab, India. The city was founded in the 11th Century A.D. by Sultan Khan Lodhi, who was a general of Mahmud of Ghazni. The city was named after his founder as Sultanpur, and it is situated on the left bank of a rivulet, called Kali Bein, nearly six miles above the confluence of Beas and Sutlej.

The town has a population of nearly 50,000 people, especially Hindu and Sikhs who are engaged in several professions. The city is spread over an area of nearly 4 square miles, and is located 26 miles from Jalandhar and 17 miles from Kapurthala. Sultanpur Lodhi is also considered as a major business destination due to its location on the on the Grand Trunk Road connecting Delhi to Lahore.

Kapurthala has several things to offer to its tourists in the form of buildings and monuments associated with the Maharajas.


Sultanpur Lodhi is believed to be established in the period around 1st century AD. The city operated by the name of Sarwmanpur in the period between 1st century and 6th century AD, and served as a major place of meditation and knowledge for Buddhism. During the process of archeological research and excavations of the city in the recent times, authorities found several statues, coins and other such objects of that era. During the 8th century, the place was known as a great empire of Hinduism and Buddhism. Sultan Khan, the son of Nawab Wali Muhammad Khan, got attracted towards the beauty and surrounding of the city during the 12th Century. He made his mind to re-establish the city by his name, which led to the complete death of Sarwmanpur and the birth of new city of Sultanpur Lodhi.

The newly developed city of Sultanpur Lodhi also served as the major point of trade between Delhi and Lahore. The city was believed to be a home to 32 major markets and nearly 5,600 shops. The city covered an area of 8 miles at that time.

Meanwhile, the city was also a home to several royal gardens and farms, and was also used to conduct several dances and other royal functions.

Present Day

Sultanpur Lodhi is presently a sub-division and tehsil of District Kapurthala of Punjab. It has transport connectivity through road and rail, and it comes under Ferozepur Division of Northern Railway. The city has a Civil cum Judicial Court, Civil Hospital, Police Station, BDEO Office and BEO Office.

Religious Places and Other Attractions

Sultanpur Lodhi houses several gurdwaras that were constructed in remembrance of events related to the life of Guru Nanak Dev. Some of the gurdwaras in the area are Gurdwara Ber Sahib, Gurdwara Hatt Sahib, Gurdwara Antaryatma Sahib, Gurdwara Guru Ka Bagh, Kothari Sahib, Gurdwara Sant Ghat, Gurdwara Bebe Nanaki Ji and Gurdwara Sehra Sahib.

Additionally, Sultanpur Lodhi has several other places that attract tourist attention from all over the country, including Bharamal Mandir, Hazira, Chitti Masjid, Kali Bein, Peer Gabgazi, Quila Sarai and Panj Peer.

Non-Government Organizations

Sultanpur Lodhi has the presence of several non-government organizations that are working to benefit the society. Rotary International and Lion Club have the international affiliations, while PLUS Endeavour, Punjabi Sahit Sabha, Citizens welfare Forum and others are local organizations working in the area.

Health and Education

Sultanpur Lodhi has a good health and medical aid facilities. It has a civil hospital that specializes in ortho, ophthalmology, gynaecology, pediatrics and dentistry. The city also has Trauma Care Centre, and it has several private practitioners that are providing good medical services here. Some of the medical colleges that are nearest to the area are CMC & DMC in Ludhiana, Govt. Medical College in Amritsar and PIMS in Jalandhar.

The overall educational standard of Sultanpur Lodhi is quite decent and it has the presence of several degree colleges and senior secondary schools. The city provides education services through Lord Krishna College for Education, two government senior secondary schools, two government aided senior secondary schools and a convent school. Meanwhile, a multidisciplinary college is under provision to be constructed at a nearby Jabbowa village.


Sultanpur Lodhi has a total population of more than 15,000 people based on the 2001 India census. The city’s total population has 54% males and the remaining 46% females. The city’s average literacy rate is 71%, which is more than the national average of 59.5%. The literacy rate of males and females stands at 73% and 68% respectively. Meanwhile, the city’s 11% population is under 6 years of age.


Sultanpur Lodhi organizes a range of events and festivals associated with the Sikh religion all through the year. Dusherra, Ramlila and Shri Krishna Janamastmi are among some of the festivals that are celebrated with much exuberance and fanfare.

Meanwhile, Baisakhi is the most significant festival of Punjab as on this day in 1699, the 10th guru of Sikh, Guru Gobind Singh, organized the Order of the Khalsa. It is celebrated on the 13th of April every year.


Sultanpur Lodhi and its nearby areas have the presence of several budget hotels and other accommodation options for tourist. These accommodations feature a range of amenities and festivals and that too at much affordable prices. The place offers plenty of options to choose from based on the taste, budget and requirement of the tourist.

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