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Goindwal Sahib

Goindwal Sahib is beautiful town located in Punjab at a distance of 23 km from Taran Taran Sahib. The town has been an important center of pilgrimage for Sikhs since the 16th century. The town is situated on banks of River Beas and is an important commercial center for the District. It was Guru Amar Das who worked for around 33 years in Goindwal for spreading the teachings of Sikhism.

A step-well called Baoli was constructed here. People firmly believe that it is at this Baoli where one can get Moksha and Mukti. Govindval is also the birthplace of a much respected saint called Guru Arjan Dev. Therefore, the place has supreme religious importance for Sikhs all over the world. As such large numbers of tourists throng the Gurudwara of Govindval Sahib to get the blessings of the divine souls.


Among the important pilgrimage sites of Sikh, Gurudwara Goindwal Sahib has immense significance in Sikhism. The gurudwara lies 30 km from Amritsar city. The town is a hub of many well-known Gurudwaras but Goindwal Sahib is regarded to be one of the greatest. The gurudwara is a place of pride for Punjab and a popular pilgrimage destination.

However, Gurudwara of Govindval Sahib has significance for Hindu followers as well, who come here in hordes to pay tribute to the divine saints. The Langar(pious meal) of this gurudwara is huge and provides food to visitors throughout the day without any charge. Historians also reveal that once Emperor Akbar visited the gurudwara and after meeting the Guru had lunch served in the Langar.

Construction of The Gurudwara

The construction of this gurudwara envisages an incident where Guru Sri Amar Das constructed a step-well called Baoli consisting of 84 steps. It is the belief of people here that those who take bath in the water of the well after climbing the steps while reciting the hymn “Japji” will attain both Mukti and Moksha. Later, a successor of the Guru shifted to Amritsar and made a permanent seat there but still people crowded Gurudwara of Goindwal Sahib with belief and devotion.

Therefore, the gurudwara became the first center of Sikhism attracting people towards the religion and guiding them to the path of divinity and spirituality. The gurudwara became an important asset for the Sikhs to express their devotion towards Guru Sri Amar Das.


Sikh architecture is clearly reflected in the intricate carvings of Gurudwara Goindwal Sahib. The wall of this gurudwara reflects ancient Sikh history through the decorative murals found at the entrance. Gurudwara of Goindwal Sahib is made of white marble and it stands erect next to Baoli. It has huge majestic dome, which is tipped with a gold pinnacle giving it a very rich look.

The projected windows, elliptical cornices, façade of turrets and four cupolas resembling the main dome in shape and structure are also clear reflections of Sikh architecture. The beautifully planned and constructed step-well called Baoli is around 25 feet long. There are places for resting in between the steps for the Sikhs to relax and also enjoy the spiritual discussion. There is another domed entrance, which is ornamented with frescoes reflecting the life of the great saint- Guru Amar Das.

Tourists can enter Baoli through a pointed archway which is given a unique look with a large dome in fluted shape. There are beautiful floral designs made on the cornice to make the gurudwara more captivating and appealing to visitors. The projecting eaves on all sides of the gurudwara are also an example of brilliant architecture. They are further decorated with turrets in the first row of the projecting eaves making the place look more captivating and exclusive.

Visitors Information

Gurudwara of Goindwal Sahib has lot of religious significance for the Sikhs because it is regarded as the house of the “gurus.” People of any caste, creed and religion are allowed to enter the gurudwara. However, certain rules should be observed before and after entering the gurudwara to ensure a smooth and pleasant visit.

  • People should remove their shoes before entering the gurudwara.
  • It is necessary for people to wash their hands and feet to avoid dust from entering the place.
  • Both men and women should cover their head as a mark of respect to the divine souls.
  • People are expected to bow in front of Guru Grant Sahib to pay devotion to the holy book.
  • One must sit on the floor within the premises of the Gurudwara as a mark of respect to the holy book and divine souls.
  • People are welcomed to give food and money in charity to the gurudwara and also to the lepers and beggars around the place.
  • People can eat food served in Langar free of charge throughout the day.
  • One should not enter the gurudwara when intoxicated.
  • Carrying of obnoxious and intoxicating materials like alcohol, cigarette or drugs is strictly prohibited inside the gurudwara.


Punjab is very rich in culture and traditions therefore gurudwara of Goindwal Sahib is no exception. Festivals in Goindwal Sahib are celebrated with great pomp and show by the local people of the region. The entire Gurudwara is cloaked with beautiful colors and lights attracting large number of tourists each year especially during festivals. Gurpurab is a very important festival celebrated during the holy days of the gurus to give tribute to the holy saints.

The entire place is dressed in joy and enthusiasm on the day of creation of Khalsa. The festival is celebrated on Baisakhi day. The importance of the day lies in the fact it was on this day when Guru Gobind Singh prepared a holy drink for his devotees.

There is huge influx of tourists during the Baisakhi festival or Sangrand. It is celebrated on the first day of Baisakhi welcoming the harvest season wholeheartedly. The local people of the region organize fairs with dancing and singing programs for enjoying various Sikh festivals. The entire town dances to the tune of the traditional songs trying to revive the ancient culture of Punjab. Special food is prepared in the Langar for the visitors of the gurudwara during festivals and special occasions.

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