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This city has a mix of French and Indo Sarcenic architecture because of its princely past. This is the administrative headquarter of Kapurthala District. This beautiful city is also known as the city of gardens and palaces.


Elysee Palace

It was built in the year 1862 by Kanwar Bikram Singh. This monument is now the MGN School of Kapurthala.

Panch Mandir (Five Temples)

This temple was built during Sardar Fateh Singh’s reign and is a place of respect for all the faiths.

Shalimar Gardens

It is in the centre of Kapurthala city and is a pleasant escape from the noise and movement of the city. The ruling dynasty’s mark is evident with the Shahi Samadhi present at the garden.


Love ballads, festivals, fairs, music, dance and literature are the expressions of this beautiful state’s cultural aspect. The warmth and the hospitality displayed by the people of this state are just beautifully amazing. The guests in Kapurthala are kept besides God.


One can get accommodation of every range in Kapurthala. Right from 5-stars to 4-stars and also 3 star hotels that fit just right on your pockets.

What to Buy

People generally should look for the traditional things available at the local markets. Phulkari and jewelry are some of the items that are very famous from this part of India. It is always better that one should avoid going to the malls and rather target the local markets to get more flavor about the city.

What to Eat and Drink

The very famous Makki Di Roti and Sarson ka Saag is to die for during the winters. Apart from them, the deliciously cooked lentils, stuffed parathas, sweets like Pinni’s and their staple diet Chole Bhature.

Climatic Conditions And Best Time to Visit

If you are visiting Kapurthala in summer in the month of April to June, the temperature is very high and also goes up till 45 degree C.

The rains start from July and end till September. The temperature around that season is around 35 degree C.

Tourists are advised to visit the place between October to November when it is very beautiful and refreshing with the temperature record is around 25 degree C.

The winter season is very harsh where the temperature even dips till 5 degree C. The temperature on an average day is around 12 degree C.

It is said that the best time to visit this place is during the autumn as the temperature is pleasant.

How to Reach


The closest airport to Kapurthala is in Amritsar.


The railway station of Kapurthala is an important junction and connects to all the major cities through trains on a daily basis.


The bus stand is close to the railway station and has buses to mostly all the major cities of India.

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