Greenery and forests in Punjab are in abundance. Since the state of Punjab is well irrigated with five important rivers, passing through the landscape, growth of trees and forests is quite good. Agricultural practices are done by plenty of people as the soil is fertile and nevertheless, people are hard working. During tourism visits, these features are clearly evident in the state, as plenty of areas are full of such natural sceneries with greenery all around and wildlife sanctuaries and zoos are quite integral to such visits.

Some of the tourists, who are interested to visit the zoos present in Punjab, can find their wishes fulfilled to the brink. There are certain zoos in Punjab, which have plenty of varieties of animals, birds and other species. Under the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972, a number of sanctuaries and zoos and also mini zoos came up in Punjab. These were aimed at rehabilitation of many species of wildlife, allowing them independence in their natural habitat. For this reason, zoos and mini zoos like the deer parks were opened up, where some animal and bird species were protected. Also, few artificial swamps and wetlands were created to allow the reptiles and water animals to breed and be preserved from dangers. Presently in Punjab, there are 12 wildlife sanctuaries and two zoos, while a few grasslands and wetlands.

Zoos of Punjab

From tourism point of view, the Chhatbir Zoo is a well known destination. It is located near Zirakpur in Punjab, along the national highway 64. Hundreds of animals, birds and even reptiles can be found preserved in this zoo, which is visited by many tourists. Previously, this zoo was named as Mahendra Chaudhary Zoological Park. Located near Chandigarh, the zoo is also well known for the lion safari arranged for the tourists. It was in the 70s that this zoo was started and has become a full fledged zoological park presently. Asiatic lion reserve inside the Chhatbir Zoo is possible to be seen by the tourists during their lion safaris, where these wild animals roam about in a free environment. Birds of different species are also found in this zoo.

Tiger safari Zoo in Ludhiana is so named because of the facility of tiger safari. It is situated on GT Road in the highway connecting Ludhiana and Jalandhar. From Ludhiana, it is only 6 kms away. It is spread out over an area of 25 acres of land. From the year 1993, when the zoo was opened to public, tigers have been the major inhabitants of the natural sanctuary, while there are also other animals like black bucks, elephants, sambars, rabbits and plenty of peacocks. Tigers can be seen in this zoo, sleeping under the shade of the trees and a visit to this zoo is really a thrilling experience. Since the Tiger Safari Zoo is located in the same circuit as Hardy’s world, War Museum, all three sightseeing places are possible to be seen in one visit. At the entrance of this zoo, one can find freely roaming peacock, where the tiger routines are maintained by the wildlife department with strict vigil.

Bir Talab Zoo in Bhatinda is more of an amusement centre, with children enjoying the most. Apart from viewing a lot of animals and birds, the amusement park allows playing opportunities for children. Animals found in the Bir Talab Zoo are the black buck, sambars and some cheetahs. Most of the area of this zoo is used as picnic spots, while there are ample playgrounds for the children to move about freely.

Zoos in Punjab are few, but there are many wildlife sanctuaries. These zoos are great centres for tourists to view wild animals in captive surroundings, although the amusement centres and opportunities for picnic attract many to these places. Such zoos are included in the city tours usually and visited by many tourists.

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