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Bir Talab Zoo

Bhatinda is among the oldest cities in Punjab. For tourists the city offers a variety of attractions and excellent facilities. The Bir Talab Zoo is an ideal place for spending time with family and friends. Located in the outskirts of Bhatinda, the zoo has been constructed in the Bir Talab Forest Area. The zoo features a tourist complex with exciting recreational rides and swings, which attracts people of all age groups. There are several enclosures in the zoo for housing the animals. The area of the zoo has well-manicured lawns that are perfect for enjoying picnics and outings.

The Bir Talab Zoo spans over an area of 161 acres. The entire area of the zoo is surrounded by a boundary wall for the protection of animals and visitors. The Bir Talab Zoo was initially established in 1978 by the Red Cross Society and in 1982 was taken over by the Forest and Wildlife Protection Department of Punjab. The zoo has been revamped recently and the entire area has been given a facelift. The Bir Talab Zoo is a popular tourist attraction in Bhatinda and is visited by thousands of tourists every year. Special care has been taken to develop the lawns and gardens inside the park where tourists can sit down and relax.

Upon entering the zoo visitors first come across a beautiful garden beyond which is the enclosure for birds. This enclosure is huge and houses different varieties of birds. Some of the varieties of birds that can be seen in this enclosure of the Bir Talab Zoo include various types of parrots, peacocks, pigeons, parakeets and several other colourful fowl.

Walking further from the bird enclosures is a huge enclosure for different varieties of deer. The varieties of deer in the park are a major attraction for tourists. The deer enclosure houses the black buck which is a rare species of deer. The zoo also has enclosures for different types of monkeys.

All the enclosures are clearly marked. Along the walking trails in the zoo, visitors can see boards of the upcoming enclosures and the animals that are housed in these enclosures. The zoo is best visited between the months of October to March when the weather is pleasant and the area is lush in greenery. The Bir Talab Protected area features trees like amltas, bamboo, shisham, teak and khair. There is a wonderful tourist complex adjoining the zoo, which is well-managed.


The zoo is located about 6 Km from Bhatinda. The Bir Talab Zoo can easily be reached by bus, taxis or cars. It is easily accessible from Bhatinda and is a wonderful place for people of all age groups to visit and have fun.

Attractions Of Zoo

The main attractions of the zoo are the different varieties of deer and birds. The entire area of the zoo is a protected forest area and is surrounded by lush greenery and tall trees. Walking paths have been constructed all across the zoo for the convenience of visitors. These paths meander around the enclosures so that visitors can have a closer look at the animals and birds. The deer enclosures include species like black buck, sambar, Hog Deer, etc.

The main attraction of the Bir Talab Zoo is the Deer Park which has been developed for housing various types of deer in their natural surroundings. This huge enclosure has been built for promoting deer safari and giving this docile animal a protected home. A visit to the Bir Talab Zoo is a pleasant and unforgettable experience.

Zoo Residents

The zoo is home to a large number of animals and birds. There are around 83 animals and over 190 birds of different species residing in the zoo. Some of the animals that can be seen inside the zoo are chital, sambar, black bucks, deer and monkeys. There is a separate Deer Park in the area which houses Hog Deer, Blue Bull, Spotted Deer, Sambar, Black Buck, etc. The zoo also serves as home to different species of birds like doves, partridges, parakeets, peacocks, ducks, crane, saras, chakor, etc.

Entry Tickets And Timings

Visiting Days

The Chandigarh zoo is open all around the week.

Zoo Hours 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM
Zoo Holidays 15th August, 2nd October & 26th January
Refreshment Options Canteen

Ticket Rates

Rs 5 per head.

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