It lies in the south-eastern part of Punjab and is also the administrative capital of Patiala District and the fourth largest city in Punjab. A castle - Qila Mubarak is surrounded by Patiala which was made by Baba Ala Singh and Sardar Lakhna, the two militiamen in the year 1763.

The first ever astronaut from India named Rakesh Sharma was born in Patiala.


Qila Mubarak Complex

It is located in the heart of the city and stands amidst the 10 acre ground. There is a Shiv temple, a bazaar that runs around the Qila selling hand woven fabric and beautiful precious ornaments.

Sheesh Mahal

This palace was built in the 19th century that means the ‘Palace of Mirrors’. There are many frescos made under the guidance of His Highness Maharaja Narinder Singh.

Baradari Gardens

It is located in the north of the old Patiala City and is just outside the Sheranwala Gate. This garden was made during the reign of Maharaja Rajindera Singh. A skating rink, cricket stadium and a small palace in the middle named Rajindera Kothi was made as a royal residence. This is also now Punjab’s heritage hotel.


The cultural and religious life in Patiala is very evident. In this part of India, Patiala had the first Degree College named Mohindra College in 1870. Borrowing their style of architecture from Rajputs is the most distinct.


One can get hotels of different ranges to stay in Patiala.

What to Buy

Patiala is very famous for the handicrafts and handlooms and it is better to go for old city markets rather than those malls for all these things.

What to Eat and Drink

The wholehearted strength lies in the tasty and mouthwatering cuisine of Punjab. Be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian, there is an equal share of treat for everyone. This place offers the famous paneers to dal makhani and not to forget to taste the huge glass of Lassi. Those who visit Punjab should opt for these core dishes that are very famous in Punjabi Cuisine. Also, aloo gobhi is a delicacy that is relished by most of the Punjabi’s as it is packed with desi flavours.

Climatic Conditions And Best Time to Visit

The most enjoyable time and season is the spring season where the temperature varies from 16 degree C to 25 degree C.

Autumn season can also be comfortable when the temperature ranges from 16 degree to 27 degree.

Summer season starts from April to June and the temperature touches 45 degree C which is problematic for some tourist.

July to September is the monsoon season where the temperature is around 35 degree C on normal days.

After soothing autumn is the biting winter season where the temperature falls to around 5 degree C and the temperature on an average day is around 12 degree C.

How to Reach

The roads are wide and made well and are connected to cities like Amritsar, Chandigarh and Delhi by road.

There is railway station and an airport in Patiala from where regular trains and flights are slated to Patiala from all the major cities of India.

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