Ludhiana is said to be the largest city in Punjab. It is spread over an area of 310 km square. Also, it is one of the major industrial centers in the northern India. It is 100 km west from the Chandigarh, the state capital.


Baba Gajjuji Thakur Shrine

This three century shrine is located in Gurudev Nagar in Ludhiana and holds a lot of historical significance. It pulls a lot of people from faraway places.

Guru Nanak Bhawan Ludhiana

This place is used to stage plays and is an air conditioned auditorium.


Music is an eternal part of this city’s culture and the inseparable connection with dance right from birth till the death is evident in every resident. Love ballads, festivals, fairs, music, dance and literature are the expressions of this beautiful state’s cultural aspect. The warmth and the hospitality displayed by the people of this state are just beautifully amazing. The guests in Ludhiana are kept besides God.


The range of hotels found in Ludhiana can vary from Rs 300 to 1000 per day. The range from Rs 1000 to Rs 3000 is for the mid-range hotels and the luxury hotels cross the budget of Rs 2500. One can get AC and non AC rooms as per their will.

What to Buy

This city is a hub of trade and Ghumar Mandi and Chaura Bazaar are the main markets. Ludhiana is said to be the best for shopping and with 20 malls in the city, MBD, Silver Arch and Global Business Park are the better ones. All the premium brands can be found apart from the famous street shopping as well.

What to Eat And Drink

Punjabi cuisine is famous all over the world as Punjabi’s spend a lot on their food. The main delicacy of this place is ‘Makki Di Roti and Sarso ka Saag’. Also ‘Chatti Di Pinni’, ‘Aloo Paratha’, ‘Gobi Paratha’, ‘Ghee Shakar’ and ‘Alsi Di Pinni’ are some of the famous delicacies.

The list is unlimited and the flavors are amazing. It is difficult to resist their food and should be tried by one and all.

Climatic Conditions And Best Time to Visit

The three definite seasons are summer, monsoon and winter where summers are the strongest during the month of May. Rainfall recorded in the city is average and the winters are very chilly with the temperature even going down till 5 degree C in Ludhiana. The best time to visit this place is between monsoons and winters, i.e. the autumn season when the temperature is just right to visit the beauty of the locality.

How to Reach

Ludhiana is nicely connected by the means of rail and airways and lies on the Delhi-Amritsar route. This is also an important junction of railway with lines going to Delhi, Ferozepur, Dhuri and Jalandhar. Daily and weekly trains ply to Ludhiana station to all the major cities of India.

Government has also passed a track dedicated between Kolkata and Ludhiana.

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