This is the capital of the Pathankot District and the name was derived from Pathania Raja who was Nurpur’s king. Before 1849, Pathankot was the capital of Nurpur. On the meeting point of three states namely Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir and Punjab, lies Pathankot. In Punjab, Pathankot is the fifth most popular city.


Shahpurkandi Fort

This fort is one of the main attractions in the city and was made by Jaspal Singh Pathania in the year 1505. The temples in the fort make this fort this famous.

Ranjit Sagar Dam

This dam is the highest gravity dam in Pathankot and also in the Asian Subcontinent.

Apart from the above, Shahpur Kandi Fort, Nurpur Fort, Mukteshwar Temple and Nahni temple are the other tourist attractions.


Music is an important part of this part of the city and one should actually see how beautiful the city is because of its people and the values imbibed in them. Festivals, literature and the culture of the city are very evident in every essence of it. Guests are guided well and told about the whereabouts whenever they have an encounter with residents of Pathankot.


One can get hotels of different ranges to stay in Jalandhar.

What to Buy

Jalandhar is very famous for the handicrafts and handlooms and it is better to go for old and city markets rather than those malls for all these things.

What to Eat And Drink

Their food is very common with a lot of flavors and spices. Their staple is saag, those yummy sweets cooked in desi ghee and many other things that are prepared with much love and a smile on their faces. People should leave behind any inhibitions and try the local flavor of the city. The food is a little heavy but worth trying.

Climatic Conditions And Best Time to Visit

The temperature of this city is very common just like the other places in Punjab. The summers are scorching, the winters are very cold and the rains are pretty okay. The best place to visit is the autumn season as the temperature that time is the best. The temperature is neutral and it is easier for people to roam around and look around the whole of the city.

How to Reach

The Pathankot airport is also shared by the Defense. The Maharana Pratap Interstate bus terminal is said to be the biggest of the terminals in the North India. This city also has 4 railway stations with the Pathankot junction being classified under A-category.

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