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Sri Shaheed Ganj Sahib

Muktsar is a religious town located in the state of Punjab. It is well known for four gurudwaras that stand like pillars to protect their followers from the evil’s eye. One of these four places of worship is the Sri Shaheed Ganj Sahib Gurudwara, which is considered as one of the most pious shrines in Sikhism. This place of worship located in Muktsar is also called Angitha Sahib.


Sri Shaheed Ganj Sahib also known as Angitha Sahib is one of the most famous Gurudwara of our country and it has a very glorious and victorious past associated with it. During the Mughal reign, Guru Gobind Singh Ji was asked to leave Anand Sahib Fort, which was taken over by the Mughals. On denying orders, a battle was fought between the two.

It was during this last battle, which was fought by the Guru himself, when his 40 men decided to leave his side in order to embrace life than death. Seeing this, the Guru asked them to give him in writing that they did not belong to the Sikh religion and that he was not their guru anymore.

Sikhs are known warriors and never show their back to enemies. Thus, the decision of 40 Sikhs was not acceptable to the Guru. To his surprise, all 40 followers gave the asked in writing and went back to their families. However, the families didn’t show them any respect. This made them realize that they had committed a sin by leaving their Guru alone in the time of need.

Realising their mistake, they returned back at once and fought bravely by the side of their leader and achieved martyrdom during the battle.

On reaching the battle ground when Guru Gobind Singh Ji saw his disciples lying in the pool of blood he rushed to Sardar Mahan Singh who was still alive and as his last wish he requested the Guru to tear the paper which they had handed over to him. Hearing this Guru was overwhelmed and at once tore the paper to pieces which showed the greatness of Guru Gobind Singh Ji had towards his followers.

This history of Sri Shaheed Ganj Sahib is known to be in conversation since then and it makes Sikhs proud of their Guru.

Construction of Sri Shaheed Ganj Sahib

Sri Shaheed Ganj Sahib is built on the holy grounds of the place where the 40 martyrs who laid down there life fighting for the dignity of their guru were cremated. It is considered to be the land which saw 40 martyrs fighting bravely and leaving the worldly pleasures for the life of their guru.

It is also believed that Guru Gobind Singh Ji himself performed the religious last rites of his 40 disciples and after that the land was proposed as a site to make a Gurudwara, which was the best way to keep memory of the 40 Sikhs who laid their life down for the guru.


The surroundings of Sri Shaheed Ganj Sahib Gurudwara are beautifully set alongside a water tank. The interiors of this Gurudwara are appealing as well. It leaves visitors with a feeling of belief and faith in the air.

There are many pictures on the walls of this Gurudwara presenting scenes from the lives of Sikh Gurus. One of the holiest Sikh places, the architecture of this Gurudwara also portrays the sense of sacrifice, which is considered one of the main teachings of Sikh religion. It speaks volumes of how the 40 Sikhs laid down their life for their guru.

Visitor Information

Sri Shaheed Ganj Sahib Gurudwara keeps its doors open for everyone. It embraces all religions, which was one of the main teachings of the Guru. While visiting a holy place like this Gurudwara, it is essential that all believers follow certain parameters that have been decided by the community to pay respect to the holy deities. Some of those most essentials are: Always cover the head: It is advised that believers of different castes, religions and genders must come inside the Gurudwara with their head covered. The piece of cloth which helps in covering the head can be carried along or else is available at the Gurudwara entrance. This helps to show respect to the entire Guru and strengthens the belief.

Never Enter With Shoes

Shoes or other footwear must be dropped at the doorstep of the Gurudwara. After this, one must cleanse the feet with water in the pool. This helps in cleansing the person of all impurities before entering the holy place.


No alcohol, tobacco or any other form of addiction must be consumed before entering the premises of the Gurudwara. This helps in keeping a person clean from within and gives him/her more sensibility while standing in front of the holy shrine.


Festivals are reflections of our religious belief and it is one of those times in which each and everyone can rejoice unhindered. Sri Shaheed Ganj Sahib Gurudwara is also decorated during festivals and followers like to celebrate these special days.

One of the popular festivals celebrated here is Magh Mela, which is usually held on the 12th and 13th of January each year. It’s known to light up the inner spirit of the place in the most beautiful manner. Believers and followers are seen gathering in huge numbers during this time to seek more blessings for them. This helps them go through difficult times easily.

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