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Baba Bakala

In Amritsar district of East Punjab is a beautiful historical town of Bakala. The holy shrine of Baba Bakala has an important place in Sikh history and it is found here. Owing to the grandeur and splendor of the shrine, this shrine is visited by large number of tourists each year. It is located at a distance of 45 km from the east of Batala road.

During festival time, the gurudwara is thronged by a large number of people each year who drool in the festive mood of this place. As the gurudwara is located in close proximity to Butari Railway Station, therefore it is easily accessible. The place is also well-connected to the important cities of India through a very extensive network of roads and railways.


Baba Bakala shrine has a prominent place in Sikh history. In 1664 before dying Guru Harkrishan feebly mumbled the words “Baba Bakala” which had the interpretation that the successor of the Guru will be found in the village of Bakala. On searching it was found that the only baba present in Bakala town was Baba Tegh Bahadur. Before he was declared as the successor of Guru Harkrishan, many imposters tried to grab the “Guru Gaddi” by false means.

It was Makhan Shah Lubhana who used his wit to find the true Guru among imposters. Once to come out of some difficulty Makhan Shah made a vow to god that he would give 500 dinars to a guru in Bakala if the difficulty was averted. His prayers were answered and the trouble was deterred but when he went to donate the Dinars, there were many imposters pretending as Baba. Finally, he decided to give each Baba some dinar as the real Guru will definitely not accept a small amount but demand the promised amount of dinars.

As planned all other imposters accepted the dinar but when the turn of Guru Tegh Bahadur came he immediately told Makhan Shah that he should keep his vow and donate 500 dinars. It was the divine powers and spirituality of Guru Tegh Bahadur which helped him know about the secret vow of Makhan Shah with the God.

Construction of the Gurudwara

The place where revelation of the Guru came was called Bakala therefore, he became famous as Baba Bakala and a Gurudwara was built in his remembrance in Bakala to keep his memories living even in the future generation. The main idea behind the construction of the gurudwara was to provide Sikh men and women a place of worship. The gurudwara was constructed to make it a gateway to reach the guru Tegh Bahadur to acquire his blessings.


Every Gurudwara of Punjab is known for its unique qualities, which significantly reflect Sikhism. Mughal architecture is clearly reflected in the intricate carvings of the shrine of Baba Bakala, which had a blend of both Muslim and Hindu forms of art. Tourists do not come to visit the shrine only for religious reasons but also to enjoy the beauty of the place. History lovers also throng the place to explore the rich history of the place in religious texts and scriptures found in the gurudwara.

The walls are beautifully decorated with paintings which is a replica of ancient history. A serene environment along with exquisite art and architecture of the place attract large number of tourists all the year around. The paintings here reveal heroic battles fought by martyrs and soldiers. These paintings are inscribed in the gurudwara’s pillars to highlight and glorify achievements of soldiers of the time. People from different religion come to explore the beauty and spirituality of the shrine.

Visitor Information

It is necessary for visitors to keep certain things in mind before entering the holy shrine of Baba Bakala. This place is highly respected by the locals and they expect the same kind of devotion on part of tourists. Therefore, there are certain guidelines that are to be kept in mind before visiting the gurudwara. These include:

  • People are not allowed to wear shoes inside the gurudwara. Shoes are to be placed in a separate room called the shoe room.
  • People are not allowed to carry any kind of obnoxious or intoxicating material like alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs inside the premises of the gurudwara.
  • People are expected to wash their hands and feet before entering the premises to avoid dust and dirt from entering the place.
  • People can also make charitable donations to the gurudwara, which is used for its overall maintenance and also for maintaining the kitchen Langar.
  • One is expected to cover their heads before entering this gurudwara as a mark of respect.
  • One should sit on the floor within the premises of gurudwara to express devotion and respect to Guru Tegh Bahadur.
  • Anyone can participate in the Langar where food is given free of charge to visitors. People are expected to sit together and eat the food to ensure equality and to abolish castism.


Tourists congregate in large number during fairs and festivals in the shrine of Baba Bakala. The entire shrine is cloaked in colors and lights to enhance the beauty of this place further. Tourists throng the area in large numbers during Diwali and Raksha Bandhan festival of the Hindus. The people of the region have immense faith in Baba Bakala therefore they celebrate the festivals with great joy, belief and enthusiasm in the shrine. A five day fair is organized during Raksha Bandhan with lot of magical shows, singing and dancing and animal exhibitions.

Tourists coming to the region make it a point to pay a tribute to Baba Bakala to complete their journey. Traditional songs and dance forms are used as means of expressing tribute and respect to Baba Bakala. Oncoming tourists give charity to lepers and beggars around the shrine to take blessings of Baba Bakala. The people of the region actively participate in celebrating the festivals with great pomp and show. In the later part of the night traditional hymns and songs are sung in praises of the late Guru Tegh Bahadur.

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