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Muktasar Sahib

A city of eastern Punjab, Gurudwara Muktasar was historically known as Khidrana. After the war of 1705, Khidrana became Muktasar Sahib because of its religious and historical importance. It was earlier called so because of the sacred River Khidrane here that is filled with rain water every year.

One of the Sikh gurus Guru Sahib once resided at Tibbi Sahi near Muktasar. Tibbi Sahi has a beautiful view of the city. When the war between Mughals and forty Muktas was taking place, Guru Gobind sahib assisted his followers by shooting arrows at rivals from this very place. Birthdays of some famous Sikh gurus including Guru Gobind sahib, Guru Nanak ji and Shahidi Sahib are celebrated here with lots of enthusiasm. Apart from that, an international fair Magh Mela is also organized here in memory of the sacrifices done by the forty Muktas.

One can reach Muktsar easily with well-connected roads and railway system. The nearest connected railway station are Kotkapur and Bathinda. Bus service is also widely available so that people can directly land up in the temple.


Sri Muktasar Sahib has a very proud heritage. It is specifically known as the last battlefield of Sri Guru Gobind Singh, which was the most decisive battle in the history of Sikh military. Muktsar literally means a place of liberty. The Sikh warriors who fought with great valor are remembered till date. In fact a grand festival is celebrated in memory of those forty warriors.

During the period of 1740, some Sikh families came to reside at Muktasar. The town then began to develop where the battlefield was located. The place came to be known as Muktsar Sahib, where a Gurudwara was constructed.


Muktsar Sahib Gurudwara comprises of a high ceiling domed hall. The hall comprises of a gallery in the middle with a sanctum located at the center. The walls are marble panned with adorned domes all over the hall. The floor is fully decorated with marble. It is said that the high-tower and a flagpost located near the Darbar is raised by its current followers. A Muktasar tree is said to exist near the shrine before the battle took place.

Visitor Information

As per the rules observed in Sikh Gurudwaras, Muktasar Sahib too follow those rules. The only constraint is that all visitors have to follow a protocol when they enter the gurudwara.

Maintaining the Integrity of the Holy Shrine

  • One must remove shoes before entering the temple
  • Washing feet in the small pond of water provided
  • People entering the hall must not eat meat or drink alcohol or smoke or consume drugs while  being inside the shrine

Dressing Appropriately

  • One must wear a head covering  as sign of respect (the Gurudwara renders head scarves for visitors who have not brought a suitable covering for themselves);
  • Not wearing shoes (see above).
  • How to Act:
    • One must sit over the ground while being inside the Darbar of Damadam Sahib. Sitting over the floor acts as a sign of deference to the Guru Granth Sahib and God.

First-time visitors are mainly advised to commence their visit as per the information office and then proceed to the Central Sikh Museum near the main entrance and clock tower.


Maghni Mela is held each year in the month of January at Muktsar Sahib Darbar. The festival is celebrated as commemorate of the Valians who sacrificed their lives battling against the Mughals. The fair is held in a huge open space. People across the globe visit Muktsar in order to have a holy dip in the river. It is also known as Punjabi Mela at times. The mela not only serves as religious background but is also fulfils recreational purposes. The birthdays of Guru Gobind Sahib, Guru Nanak and Shahidi Sahib are celebrated with lots of enthusiasm at this place.

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