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Sheesh Mahal Sahib Gurudwara

Sikh religion places all its faith and belief in the teachings of the Gurus. Gurudwara is their religious home where they make offering and pay their respects. One such is the Sheesh Mahal Sahib Gurudwara located in Kiratpur Sahib City of Ropar.

The presence of Sheesh Mahal Sahib Gurudwara has made Kiratpur Sahib a holy place that saw its establishment in 1627 when Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji, who is the 6th guru, bought this piece of land through Raja Tara Chand of Kehloor.

This place has an air of religiousness as it is believed to be the birthplace of many Sikh Gurus. It is thus considered to be among the most worshipped and well known places in the Sikh community. Sheesh Mahal Sahib is highly revered for the religious beliefs of its followers who believe that it is a pure land where many Gurus have personally laid their blessings. Thus, it attracts a huge crowd of tourists who come specially to visit the Gurudwara.


The history of this gurudwara dates back to the seventeenth century when Kiratpur was being instated as a town. A birthplace of Shri Guru Har Rai Sahib Ji, this place has held religious significance ever since.

When a guru is born, it is a blessing for the disciples and the place where he is born also takes a blessed form. It’s considered the chosen land where such a man with high values and beliefs was destined to open his eyes.

In fact, Kiratpur has seen many blessed lives taking birth as Guru Harkishan Sahib Ji, son of Shri Guru Har Rai Sahib Ji, was also born here. Interesting facts related to Kiratpur unfolds while browsing through Sikh literature. It is the home of Gurudwara Sheesh Mahal Sahib and bound to gain attention.

Well known to be the home of father and son Baba Guruditta and Guru Hargobind Singh Ji, Kiratpur has been blessed many a times by all leading names in Sikh religion.

Construction of Sheesh Mahal Sahib Gurudwara

Sheesh Mahal Sahib Gurudwara was first constructed in the then new - city of Kiratpur, which is considered a pious and pure place blessed by many gurus who laid the initial steps of Sikh religion. It is believed to be the place that helped to bring the community together for it has many teachings laid in its stones. Each wall of the Gurudwara Sri Sheesh Mahal Sahib is believed to be precious and a blessing for followers. The construction of Gurudwara Sri Sheesh Mahal Sahib is seen as a memoir of all blessed souls to have walked the lands of Kiratpur.


The architecture of Gurudwara Sri Sheesh Mahal Sahib is beautiful. Done in white with one large dome and four small domes, it has a pure atmosphere. The Gurudwara’s air is filled with religious hymns throughout the day.

Located on the bank of River Sutlej, it is a place where you can gain internal peace and satisfaction. The surrounding is quiet and gives a truly spiritual atmosphere to visitors to meditate in. This feel in the air helps one to come closer to God.

Visitor Information

Gurudwara Sri Sheesh Mahal Sahib is open throughout the year and it attracts visitors from across the globe. Followers of Sikh religion follow a set of rules when they enter any gurudwara. These rules have to be kept in mind when visiting the gurudwara. 


Visitors are requested to follow a discipline that has been maintained ever since the gurudwara was established: Cover your head with a piece of cloth while entering the Gurudwara. Do not wear shoes or slippers while inside the Gurudwara premises. Maintain silence to help others and self to concentrate better. Keep oneself free from any intoxication while inside the Gurudwara. Following these simple lines helps believers to offer their prayers and makes their visit worth remembering.


The Gurudwara Sri Sheesh Mahal Sahib is decorated on all important festivals around the year. Baishaki, Basant, Maghi and Diwali are some of the occasions when one can see Gurudwara Shri Sheesh Mahal Sahib in full glory.

The birth of all the the gurus and installation of the religious and pure Guru Granth Sahib are also the special occasions which brings alive festivity among people.

Believers are encouraged to come and offer their prayers and respect at Sheesh Mahal Sahib Gurudwara and take back with them blessings and remembrance of this place.

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