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The country of India is a rich cultural land that also has vibrant colors used in many parts of the various states and the best state that shows rich use of colors is the state of Punjab. The clothing’s used by the people of the state of Punjab showcase vibrant colors with rich and heavy embroidery works. The use of such colors shows the effervescent culture of Punjab. The costumes used in the state of Punjab are a mixture of color which is placated and eye-soothing. The major kind of work used on the clothing’s made in Punjab state is the Phulkari work. Phulkari is a kind of embroidery that uses thread work done on various types of clothes whether it is suits, saris, dupattas, stoles or lehengas. The work of Phulkari is generally seen on the traditional clothing worn by the women section of the society who belongs to the rural areas in state of Punjab while during the current times it can also be on the clothes that are worn by the women in the cities. The clothing’s in Punjab have always a tinge of Phulkari work done on it. This kind of embroidery looks good on the borders of the costumes or on the entire cloth piece but it is done such that it enhances the base color of the costume. Heavy work of Phulkari is done on the costumes that are specially designed for the purpose of festivals. The heavy Phulkari work is known as Bagh that means garden that is done such that it is done on the entire piece of cloth. This is done by dexterously trained workers.

The people belonging to Sikh community are very enthusiastic and dynamic and enjoy their lives. The Sikh community is considered as the most vibrant among all the communities of India.

Costumes and Accessories of Punjabi Women

The other outfit worn by the women in Punjab is the Kurta and Churidar that has become popular among people across the globe. Initially, this was the outfit of the women in Punjab but later it became popular among the teenage girls as a day-to-day outfit. These costumes are generally available in vibrant colors. The other outfit is the Salwar Kameez worn by the Punjabi women. The Salwar Kameez includes two pieces one is the Kameez that is worn on the top while other is the Salwar that is used as the bottom under the Kameez. There is also a third and optional third piece of cloth worn and that is a dupatta that is worn around the neck by the female. The color of Salwar, Kameez and Dupatta are available in different vibrant colors. During the winter season, women wear shawls with Phulkari embroidery with Salwar and Kameez rather than the dupatta. The other kind of work that adorns the shawls is the silk thread embroideries and motifs work.

The women in Punjab are very fond of jewellery made of gold. Few of the jewellery pieces that are liked to be worn by the Punjabi women are neck pieces, rings, toe-rings, bangles, nose-ring, ear-ring and anklets. Few women also like to use ornament that is used to tie the hair. Most of the women and men of Sikh community prefer to wear a bangle made of steel on their wrist. The young girls and women are asked to wear Indian traditional clothes and especially the married women. With the change in times, women have brought changes in their clothing patterns by adopting modern clothes like Jeans, Trousers, Jackets, Shirts, T-shirts and skirts.

The women in Punjab wear the traditional Juttis in their feet whether they live in villages or in cities. This footwear goes very nicely with the traditional costumes worn by the men in Punjab. This footwear is considered to be very easy and graceful. During the winter season the women and men wear the warm stoles around their bodies to cover the neck and chest. The work done on the shawls is mostly done by the women in the family. They make the shawls even more colorful and vibrant to be worn.

Costumes for Punjabi Men

The men in the state of Punjab wear Kurta and Pajama as their traditional clothing. The style of the Kurta is such that it seems like a baggy kind of long and straight shirt while the design of the Pajamas is such that these are loose pants that are worn on the waist. Few men also prefer wearing the Kurtas with a sarong kind of cloth called as Lungi and Tehmat by the local people of Punjab. The sweaters worn in the season of winters by men are very bright colored. People also prefer to wear t-shirts or shirts with the baggy pants. The other part of clothing that forms important part of men’s traditional clothing is the turban that in local language is called as Pagri or Pugg.

Even the men of the society have adopted modern clothes like jeans and t-shirts on regular basis while trousers and shirts are worn as formal wear.

Seasonal Clothing

The people who are visiting the state of Punjab are advised to at least once try the traditional costumes of the state and it is well said that the vibrant color dresses in Punjab attract the people to at least have one of it to be part of their wardrobe. The vibrant color of the costumes displays the vivacity and dynamism of the people of Punjab. The traditional costume that women in Punjab wear is a Salwar Kameez. The Salwar Kameez includes a bottom that has pant shape and is known as Salwar, the top of the costume is the kameez while a piece of cloth worn around the neck is the dupatta. This costume is available in numerous vibrant colors. The traditional clothing also includes the stoles or shawls that have Phulkari or Bagh work done on it. These kinds of work are much known in the entire world. Men in Punjab prefer to wear loose pants along with shirts or T-shirts. Other traditional clothing worn by men is Kurta and Pajama.

The climatic conditions in the state of Punjab are both the extreme summers and extreme winters. The summer season starts with the month of February and goes till end of month June. Winter season lasts for the months starting from October till February. When one plans a trip to Punjab, it should be taken care about the type of clothing to be carried along. Light loose cotton clothing is preferred in summers while heavy wool clothes are preferred during the winter season. Usage of sunscreen is mandatory during the summer season. Weather in winters is dry.

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