There are varieties of music that can be seen playing in the country and these include local folk music of the state, pop music, classical instrumental music and R&B. The classical music that is played all over the country India and the Indian music includes the traditional Hindustani and Carnatic music that have been played for several years in all parts of country and have enhanced during the ages. The Indian music has played a major role in the social and religious spheres and the music involved in Hindustani type is very harmonious since it includes different sounds that are played one after the other hence creating an ear-soothing experience for the listener.

The state of Punjab that is located in the Southern-Asian region has been segmented into two areas where the western part of Punjab is in Pakistan whereas eastern part of Punjab is in India. The kind of music that forms the part of music in the state of Punjab ranges from the local folk music to classical music and then to Sufi music. The most famous musical gharana of state of Punjab is the Patiala gharana.

Folk Music

The musical instrument used while playing the Punjabi music includes Tumbi, Dhadd, Chimta, Algoze, Sarangi etc. The Punjabi music includes a broader range of music for all the occasions like birth, bereavement, wedding, festivals, spiritual occasion and fairs.

Most popular music that is played in the Punjabi music is the Sufi musical songs that are sung at various occasions. Few of the musicians and poets who are popular for their Sufi kind of music are Baba Farid, Shah Hussain, Mian Muhammad Bakhsh, Bulleh Shah, Waris Shah and Qawwali.

Ritual And Life Cycle Songs

The most important music that forms part of traditional Punjabi music is the local folk music. There are various songs that have been dedicated to special occasions like there are special songs that are sung for the marriage ceremony while there are other songs sung during birth celebration or death ceremony. Each ceremony performed during the entire wedding celebrations has a special dedicated song that is sung by the family members or friends. The main songs sung during the wedding ceremony by the family of bride and grooms are named as ‘Suhaag and Ghorian’. These songs are sung to please God and seek the blessings of the almighty. The songs on any occasion are mostly sung by women in particular manners that are specifically dedicated to bride or groom. People from both the sides sing songs pertaining to their own enjoyment and display their emotions through different songs. “Ghorian” are sung in the grooms house to show the pleasure and happiness whereas the “Suhaag” are sung by the people of bride genre and the lyrics of “Suhaag” displays the both the bliss and pain at same time. The Indian wedding in Punjab has songs for each occasion of the marriage that starts as long as five days from the day of marriage. The songs for occasion like turmeric spread, oiling hair, heena ceremony, ghadoli etc. These traditions are followed in both the houses whether it is a groom or a bride. The Punjabi wedding is the most sought out time in their lives that is celebrated with full pomp and show.

The folk songs are observed as an honor to display the traditions, culture, values, socio factor of the state to which it belongs. The lyrics of the folk song are such that they show the details of the local community. The other aspects of the folk songs display ranges from praising the God to displaying the routine life of a Punjabi community. The folk music also helps in promoting the culture and letting the people know about the socio aspect of the community.

Punjabi Pop

The contemporary or the recent music in Punjabi has not only been promoted in India but rather it has also been widely spread in the other parts of world like UK and U.S. The Punjabi pop songs have also been part of Bollywood movies. The Punjabi music has been a survival factor for the people of Punjabi community who have moved to London from southern Asian region specifically from the eastern and western areas of Punjab in the year of 1970 to United Kingdom. Another form of Punjabi songs and music is the “Bhangra” that started to be played in discotheques in the era of 1980s.

The Punjabi music has become so popular that it is favorable among people of all generations and Punjabis who stay all over the world.


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