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As far as infrastructure and per capita income is concerned, Punjab ranks among the top most Indian states. The hosiery and sports goods industry of Punjab is very famous. Punjab, a state in the northern part of the mainland of India, has seen several major events that are responsible for shaping up India’s history. There are evidences of the presence of Indus valley civilization in Ropar, a town of Punjab.  The warmth of people of this place is beyond comparison. Be part of the lively celebrations that is an inseparable part of the culture and tradition of Punjab. People are most welcoming and hospitable. Patiala, Amritsar, Ludhiana and many more tourist attractions are part of this state.

The literal meaning of Punjab is the land with five rivers flowing through it. It is home to one of India’s most important religions, Sikhism. Punjab is a rich and fertile land with lush wheat fields that has seen different cultures of the region over time including Vedic, Buddhist and Islamic cultures. Punjab has an impeccably vibrant blend of music, craft and energetic folk dances like ‘Bhangra’. Also, the colorful festivals that the zealous people of Punjab celebrate with fervor and zest bring the state to life. Cities with distinct flavors and different attractions have settled down on the banks of the five rivers flowing through the state.


To get a taste of Royal Punjab that existed several years ago, one must visit Patiala that is located in south east Punjab. Visiting the city is like revisiting the glorious past of Punjab. Go through Punjab’s rich history of the 18th and 19th century in Patiala. The lush and beautiful gardens and parks, and the luxurious palatial buildings stand welcoming the tourists to Patiala. The Moti Bagh Palace of Patiala with wonderful art gallery is worth paying a visit. The colossal Quila Mubarak complex stretches over an area of 10 acre and has an array of palaces, audience hall and inner fort. The major tourist attractions are Quila Mubarak Complex, Sheesh Mahal, Moti Bagh Palace, Gurudwara Dukhniwaran Sahib, Bir Moti Bagh, Lachman Jhoola, Baradari Gardens, Ijlas-e Khas and Kali Temple etc.


Ludhiana, the biggest city of Punjab, is one of the most popular Punjab Tourist Places. The largest city of the state is located on the old bank of Sutlej River. Tourists from across the world visit the historical monuments and the religious centers that the city is home to. The tourist places in Ludhiana are Nehru Rose Garden, Maharaja Raja Ranjeet Singh Fort, Guru Nanak Stadium, Tiger Zoo, Rakh Bagh, Hardy’s World amusement park .The Nehru Rose garden in Civil Lines of Ludhiana is spread in an area of 30 acres. The Tiger zoo is located 6 Km from the city on the GT road has a rich variety of magnificent tigers living in protected jungles.


Chandigarh is the capital city of Punjab and it is most appropriate to start any tour to the state from this city. Chandigarh, meaning the fort of the Hindu Goddess Chandi, is also called ‘City Beautiful’. The Asia’s largest Rose garden is found in Chandigarh. The Rock Garden and the Sukhna Lake are the major tourist attractions in Chandigarh.


Amritsar being the centre of religion and culture for the Sikhs is the spiritual capital of Sikhs. The Golden Temple or Harmandir Sahib which is famous all over the world is located in Amritsar. The fourth Guru of Sikhs, Guru Ram Das founded this Holy temple in 1577. Amritsar means the ‘Holy pool of Nectar’ and this name is derived from the pool of water surrounding the Golden Temple.  Pilgrims from all over the world visit the awe inspiring Golden temple. The charm and appeal increases manifold when the huge dome of pure gold is lit up beautifully. Apart from this, the city has also seen unfortunate happenings like the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre in 1919, under the British rule and the Operation Blue Star that happened in 1984.


The oldest and the most widely known city of this northwestern state of India is Bhatinda. Guru Gobind Singh Ji is believed to have fought the powerful army of the Mughals in the forests of Bhatinda. Also, this city played an important role in Indian’s freedom struggle against the monarchy and oppression of the British rule in India. Bhatinda is rapidly moving towards industrialization with a modern thermal power plant, a huge oil refinery and fertilizer factories that have been set up in the city recently. Food grain and cotton are grown in Bhatinda. Also, large areas where grapes are grown can be found here. There are large grape growing areas.  The administrative headquarters of the region of Bhatinda are located in the city of Bhatinda which is also the main railway junction. Pepsi, an American international company processes horticulture products in the city of Bhatinda in Punjab.


Gurdaspur was founded in the start of the 17th century by Guriya Ji; this is why the city was named Gurdaspur in his memory. The Jats of Sangi Gotra sold the old city land where some people lived in huts to Guriya Ji for building Gurdaspur. Guriya Ji belonged to Kaushal Gotra and was a Sanwal Brahmin. Guriya Ji stayed in the Paniar village where his ancestors migrated from Ayodhya long ago. This village was 5 miles towards the north of Gurdaspur. Sh. Pala Ji and Sh. Nawal Rai were the two sons of Guriya Ji. Baba Deep Chand, son of Nawal Rai was Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s contemporary. He is believed to have received the title of Ganj Baksh or Owner of Treasure by Guru Gobind Ji himself. Mahants are the descendants of Baba Deep Chand.


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