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The Festival Of Gardens

The garden festival is celebrated for three days with a lot of pomp and grandeur. It was arranged every year at the end of February usually in the last week and is visited by a large crowd. This festival brings back life and vibrancy in the otherwise quiet city of Chandigarh. It is also known as the Rose Festival by some as different varieties of roses exhibit during this festival. This is done to encourage people to admire and enjoy the beauty of the Queen of flowers.

The festival of gardens has been given a special place in the national calendar of India. Initially known as the Rose festival to promote the beauty of the rose, this festival is gaining importance and prominence among many. Various modifications have been brought into its original theme. In contemporary time’s lot of cultural dance, folk dance and music programs are organized. There are various flower shows planned. Many artists also display their talents at this festival. Many prominent corporate houses are also given the prospect of displaying their products. Since 1997 the Rose Festival has been given its contemporary name- The Festival of Gardens.

This festival in Chandigarh is in the form of a mega flower show event where many varieties of flowers are exhibited for the people to come and see. Chandigarh has and promotes the maintenance of gardens. In fact this festival was brought into prominence to encourage, explore, admire and respect gardens. There are also many dance and musical performances by well-known folk artists and celebrities.


This festival is celebrated by arranging for music shows, dance performances both contemporary and folk dances, exhibitions by artists, extravagant flower shows etc. Apart from these there are also dog shows, flower arranging competitions, activities for the children and many other arrangements done that would ensure that one is certainly not left bored in the festival.

Events like the garbha dance, Haryanvi dance, bhangra magic shows etc. are organised which attract the attention of the thousands of spectators and tourists who come to enjoy the festival. On spot painting competitions are arranged for the people. What more there are also Rose Prince and Rose Princess competitions and pageants arranged for people of various age groups staring from the children to the elders. Many corporate firms also arrange for stalls which portray their merchandises.


There are many exhibitions arranged by emerging artists where they come to the festival and display their talents. Many spot painting competitions are also held for the visitors who come to enjoy themselves in this festival. Special competitions are also organized for the children.

The Festival of gardens provides for a unique opportunity for the budding photographers to take great pictures. It also serves as a platform for big companies to showcase their products in front of the people.


Leisure valley sector 10 in Chandigarh hosts this festival every year.

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