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Terraced Flower Garden

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  • Famous

Serene and calm environment

  • Weather

3 to 27°C during Winter, summer temperature ranges from 19 to 44°C

  • Best time to visit

Throughout the year

  • Fees

Rs. 150

  • Visiting Hours

6:00 am to 8:00 pm

  • Facilities

Drinks, Mobile Phones Allowed, Parking, Washroom

The Terrace Garden in Chandigarh spreads over an area of 10 acres. Located in Sector 33, the Terrace Garden was established in 1979. The beautiful musical fountain where popular film songs as well folk music is played. The annual Chrysanthemum Show is conducted here. The wide variety of flowering plants can be seen here. People visit these gardens especially in the evening to experience the tranquil and serene ambience. People enjoy the wonderful cool breeze and take in the natural beauty that the gardens are so rich in.A small valley that runs through the sector has been converted into the lovely Terraced Flower Garden.

The Chrysanthemum Show is held annually at these gardens. Located in Sector 33, spreading over an area of 10 acres, this Terrace Garden was set up in the year 1979. The musical fountain is illuminated beautifully and the multitude of brightly colored flowers allure people from far and wide. The locals and picnickers that frequent these gardens are mesmerized by the multi colored flowerswhich have unparalleled appeal. The serenity and charm of this park is sure to touch your soul and relax you, relieving you of all the worldly stress. The venue of the Chrysanthemums show that is held annually is the orchard of blossoming plants and it sees enthusiastic participation from nature lovers and also general public. This show is organized for the public in the month of December and it showcases a huge variety of multihued chrysanthemums blooms. Apart from this flower show, various competitions are also organized to involve the zealous gardeners of the city.

Best Time to Visit

The seasons of Chandigarh are well defined and it sees both hot and cold climate during the year.Ideally, September to March is the best period to visit this place.

  • Winters (November to February) while the maximum temperature ranges from 7 °C to 20 °C, but minimum temperature can go as low as 2 °C to 5 °C. During the winters of Chandigarh, Frost is a common occurrence.
  • Summers (March to May) during the extremely hot summers, temperatures mostly remain between 35 °C to 42 °C in most of the days, but it may soar as high as 45 °C. The time period during the months of April and May are usually avoided by tourists due to the extreme summers.
  • Monsoons (June to August) aresultry and Chandigarh experiences high humidity during this period, but monsoons come as a relief from the suppressing heat of summers. Monsoons bring Chandigarh to life.
  • Autumn (September and October) the temperature ranges from 13 °C to 36 °C. this moderate temperature range makes the autumn season pleasant and this signals the start of the tourist season.

While outdoor activities and sightseeing are best done during September to March, June to August is apt for short trips to the city as this is when the hot summers get over. April and May are best for indoor activities.

How to Reach

By Air

Chandigarh domestic airport is located at a distance of merely 8 km away from the city center and it costs about Rs 100 to cover the distance by cab. Regular daily flights connecting Chandigarh and Delhi are offered by all major airlines. The Delhi airport connects international travelers who reach Chandigarh via Delhi. Delhi Airport also connects Chandigarh to all major Indian as well as foreign cities.

By Bus

Government buses connect all nearby cities of Punjab and Haryana to Chandigarh. Chandigarh can be reached from Shimla (110 Km), New Delhi (260 km), Dehradun (175 km) and Manali(320 km) by deluxe or semi deluxe buses that run regularly.The Deluxe buses charge not more than Rs 3-4 per kilometer.

By Train

The national capital Delhi and cities of Punjab and Haryana are connected to Chandigarh by a network of rails. Trains run between Chandigarh and Delhi (260 Km) and also Chandigarh to Lucknow on a daily basis. From Chandigarh, connection trains to Bangalore, Chennai, Trivandrum (KochuVeli) and Mumbai are available too.

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