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Rock Garden

Chandigarh houses the world famous Rock Garden, a historic Garden made completely out of Industrial and House hold waste. The Garden is located between Sukhna Lake and capital complex in Sector-1. The Garden has a total area of 20acres and is surrounded by beautiful greenery. Apart from Rock structures, the garden also contains an open air theater, exhibition Hall and a minute maze. This is a must watch tourist spot when you are visiting Chandigarh.

Rock garden has a humble entrance which takes you to some of the finest artistic creations, which would keep you astounding. The effective utilization of discarded earthen wares, metallic wires, chinaware items, bangles, play marbles and broken glass would leave you spell bound admiring the enormous talent of the creator. The major structures in the Garden are human, animal, birds and building forms. The tourists can also be part of some of the finest artistic performances that takes place in the open air theaters.

Creator of Rock Garden

Rock Garden, situated in Chandigarh has emerged as the symbol of artistic talent. This garden has attracted sculptures, painters and tourists from worldwide. This garden has taken up the form of a heritage site. Rock Garden presents classic example of visualization of a human being, its founder Nek Chand. Nek Chand was employed as Road Inspector in the Engineering Department of Chandigarh Project. He was a frequent visitor to Shivalik Hilltop. The presence of various stones in shapes of animals and birds used to amuse him. He used to carry these stones on his bicycle. Nek Chand spent his initial 7 years between 1958-1965 in gathering house hold waste, industrial waste, natural substances and other waste products. He shaped these waste materials into 20, 000 rock forms of amazing splendor. The rock structures were made along a hut which he had constructed for his work requirements. He then started placing his rock structures from this position and thus commenced the journey of his artistic masterpiece.

The Rock Garden was accidentally brought to light by Dr.S.K.Sharma, who was heading the anti malaria spray campaign in the site on 24th February, 1973. The presence of various Rock structures made out of waste products was intimated by him to late Dr. M.S Randhawa, who was Chandigarh’s first Chief Commissioner. A committee was formed and they discussed the matter at length and the observations were put forward to Chandigarh Landscape Advisory Committee. The chairman of the committee decided to preserve the Rock structures in its original form and give it a shape of Garden. Thus the Rock Garden was inaugurated in 1976 and opened for public viewing.

Collection in Rock Garden

The site where the present day Rock Garden stands was a dumping ground for industrial and house hold waste. This helped Nek Chand to get adequate waste materials for his project. He used his artistic talent and visualization power to create beautiful rock structures from these waste products. All his creations are displayed in the Rock Garden.
Some of the structures are developed from substances like hair, metal wires, frames and play marbles. We cannot imagine a better utilization of these waste products as it is done in Rock Garden. All the materials used in the Garden are discarded wastes.

Nek Chand displayed extraordinary talent in recycling urban and industrial waste in the most constructive way. He made the world realize that discarded materials can be put to use to provide better beautification.

Architecture of Rock Garden

Rock Garden has an excellent layout. The entrance door would make you bow to enter the Garden creating an ambience of Indian culture and unique humbleness. The tourists have to pass through numerous artistic splendors like lanes, archways, doorways and vestibules. One place leading to another creates suspense in the minds of visitors. The suspense adds to fun and curiosity.

The Rock Garden which resembles the Royal court of a King has fourteen chambers. The forecourt comprises of some natural rock-forms. The royal traditions of musician chamber, poet chamber, a pond and hut is present. The main durbar (court) of King contains King’s throne and some structures depicting Goddess and Gods. There is also a swimming pool for the queen. The third phase of garden houses an open air theater, waterfalls, mountain, village, over-bridge and royal pleasure structures. The most fascinating is creation is the root and treesculptures which provide suspense in the minds of the viewer.

Rock Garden contains an open air theatre with adequate sitting arrangement and a huge center stage. Cultural evenings, dance programs and other gatherings provide delightful experience for tourists.

Teej festival assumes utmost importance for the garden. The complete Rock Garden bears a festive look and attracts large number of tourist. Dances, songs, joyful rides and swings make the event special and enjoyable for tourists.

When you walk through rock Garden, admiring the artistic talent you may encounter the down to earth creator of the garden, Nek Chand. He is quite a busy man supervising or working to further enhance the looks of the garden.


The Rock Garden of Chandigarh

Sector No.1, Chandigarh, India

Tel: +91 172 740 645

Summer Opening Hours

(1st April to 30th September)

9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Winter Opening Hours

(1st October to 31st March)

9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The rock garden is open all seven days of a week. Entry prices are Rs. 5 for adults and Rs. 3 for children.\

How to Reach

By Road

Chandigarh city is well connected with other Indian cities by road. It is situated at a distance of 240 Km from Amritsar, 380 Km from Shimla, 117 Km from Delhi, 248 Km from Dehra Dun, 267 Km from Rishikesh and 380 km from Jammu.

By Train

Chandigarh is an important Railway station of Northern Railway. Trains towards Shimla and all parts of the country originate from this station.

By Air

The city has an airport which is located at a distance of twelve km. Regular flights from Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi operates to Chandigarh.

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