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The smritiUpvan of Chandigarh is a unique and novel concept in the field of gardening. This garden is filled with beautiful trees. The fact that all trees of this garden are planted by people in the memory of their loved ones makes this garden so unique and special. This is what makes the SmritiUpvan located between SukhnaLake and Rock Garden in Sector 1 beyond compare as this is probably the only place where common people can save the memory of their loved ones forever by planting trees. Each tree symbolizes love and respect for the departed souls. The SmritiUpvan is very rightly named. Smriti stands for remembrance and Upvan means forest. This garden has materialized the literal meaning of its name. This concept was started in the year 1988 when the first tree was planted in the memory of commemorates the memory of PanditJawaharLal Nehru. The peaceful ambience of this place cannot be found anywhere else. This surrounded impeccably by Sukhna Lake and Rock Garden in Sector 1, is the best place to spend time.

Best Time to Visit Smriti Upvan

The months of January to April and then again from August to December are ideal to visit the SmritiUpvan in Chandigarh. This means, you can visit SmritiUpvan almost any time throughout the year.

How to Reach

By Air

The main city is 11 Km from the airport. Indian airlines flight between Delhi and Chandigarh are available daily while those between Amritsar and Chandigarh are available twice a week. Leh is also connected to Chandigarh by a weekly flight. Jet airways has a daily flight between Chandigarh and Delhi.

By Rail

The city railway station is located at a distance of 7 km from the city center. All major cities of india including Delhi(238 km), Jodhpur (827 km) and Bikaner (575 km) are connected to Chandigarh through this railway station.

By Road

All small and big North Indian cities are connected to Chandigarh by a network of roads. Frequent and regular buses run between Chandigarh and Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmiri, Punjab as well as Rajasthan. The choices of buses are varied, ranging from ordinary buses to luxury buses and taxis which are all easily available.

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