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Cactus Garden

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Rs.10 per person Adults and Rs.5 per person Children

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All days of the week 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Situated in sector 5, the Cactus Garden is the biggest garden in Asia which is dedicated to the endangered species. It was named after Dr. JS Sarkaria. The garden has a regional collection of cactus which is grouped under a growth form in some specific genera. There are dozens of species of cactus in the garden in which the most popular one is Opuntias, Ferocactus and other succulent plants which includes Agaves, Echinocereus, Columnar cacti and Mammillarias.

The only plants which surpass the popularity of the cactus are the roses and the orchids. Since the cactuses are found in specific areas, they drive a lot of attention by people who do not belong to that habitat. There are hundreds of nurseries having these rare plants which a lot of people come to possess. The ones who are at the top in the market sell over millions of cactuses on a yearly basis and in fact South America is visited by a lot of people just for the cactus.

Several species of bees which specialize in cacti generally pollinate them are called the cactus bees. These bees are generally found lone but there are some species of female bees which make their hives in a few thousand sq feet area and stay there with thousands of others. The pollen from the cactus is used to feed the grub which is not tended by the parents. Some of the cactuses are pollinated by moths, birds or even bats.

History of Cactus Garden

The cactus garden situated in Chandigarh is the biggest garden of Asia which is meant for the rare and the endangered species of plants and has over thirty five thousand species of plants. The garden has around twenty five raised ground features, three water bodies along with the water ways.

The main landscape plant has been Echinocactus grusonii which is being used extensively.
There are different species of cactus in the garden which includes a plant of Mexican origin which has a shape of a big tree and is named Bursera. There is a cactus which can reach up to the height of thirty t forty feet and is of Arizona. There are other several rare plants which can be found in the cactus garden.

The cactus garden has around 272 species of the genus Mammillaria along with other 160 species which were naturalized outdoor by the garden authorities. You can find the exotic plants like Aloe ferox and Aloe speciosa in the garden along with Mammillarias, Notocacti and Astrophytum which are the low growing cactuses.

The Bonsai Collection which is there in the garden includes the succulent as well as non- succulent plants which have been gifted by J.S. Sarkaria which has several types of bonsai. There are around nine glass houses in the garden and as almost all the species of cactus. You can also find Aloes, Haworthias and Gasterias in the garden which are represented very beautifully. The cactus garden also puts up the cactuses for sale.

Best Time to Visit

You can visit the Cactus garden at any time of the year.

How to Reach

By Road/Bus: The road transport of Panchkula is well developed and you can find buses to reach the major cities of the country.

By Train/Rail: The city of Panchkula has high connectivity with the railway tracks too. The nearest railway station from Panchkula is the Chandigarh Railway Station and the trains can be found t connect you to any part of the county from there. You can reach the railway station by taking a local bus, auto or you can even hire a cab for that matter.

Garden is Known For

You can find 272 species of naturalized cactus and over 160 species of Mammillaria. You can find astrophytum, Mamillarias and notocacti along with a lot of other exotic species in the cactus garden.

The cactus garden also has an educative collection which displays the Bonsai having nine glasshouses and a collection of various species of cactus. The main highlights of the garden are haworthias, gasterias and aloes. You can also buy the plants from the garden if you want.

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