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Garden Of Fragrance

Chandigarh is a beautiful city with lots of attractions as well as wonderful and exciting things to do. The city is the first properly designed city of India, and was planned by Le Corbusier, the French architect. Chandigarh is considered as one of the youngest cities of India, and also a modern one. The city features brilliant architecture and beautiful landscape, which is a treat for visitors. The streets and market areas of the city are well organized and easy to locate, in comparison to other Indian cities. Whether they are natural, man-made or architectural attractions, there is a lot to see and do in the city of Chandigarh.

The city is famous for its well manicured and maintained gardens. Set in Sector 36 of Chandigarh, this is one of the most prominent gardens of the city, the ‘Garden Of Fragrance’. The garden is known for its pleasant smelling assortment of flowering plants, and hence the name, ‘Garden Of Fragrance’. The garden has been planned properly with plants lined in beautiful designs and paths, creating pretty scenery and spectacular views for the tourists. The garden can be visited at any time of the year, and also at any time of the day.

The Garden of Fragrance is located towards the south of the Hibiscus Garden. The garden is popular among locals, as one of the best picnic spots in the city. Jogging and walking tracks have been laid out in the garden for the convenience of early risers, and those who wish to enjoy a morning or evening walk in the beautiful and refreshing surroundings. There are several people who visit the garden regularly for walking, meditating and other physical activities like yoga, exercises and playing. Children also enjoy visiting this garden because of its beautiful setting, and the sheer number of flowers in the garden.

This garden is a must visit for anyone, who is planning to visit Chandigarh. The diverse varieties of plants that can be seen in the garden include motia, raat ki rani, mehndi, champa, haar shringar and different varieties of roses and jasmines. The captivating scent emanating from the Garden of Fragrance is such that, it can be sensed from even a distance. The garden has been properly landscaped with winding paths surrounded by plants and trees.

During the morning time, the garden is filled with joggers, morning walkers, fitness and yoga enthusiasts, who enjoy working out early in the mornings, in the lap of nature. The garden is completely man-made and is very beautiful. The garden has lots of open spaces, where visitors can engage in games and physical activities. Throughout the garden, there are several colourful flowers that are well maintained and pleasing to the senses. The routes and paths inside the garden look beautiful because of the surrounding natural beauty.

Reaching the garden is easy. Visitors can hire auto-rickshaws, taxis or take buses or private cars to reach the garden. Even from quite a distance, the fragrance of the flowers can be sense, and visitors can figure out that they are within close reach of the garden. This garden is one of the main three gardens of Chandigarh.

When visiting this garden, visitors can also plan a visit to any of the nearby attractions. There are several attractions close to the garden such as the Hibiscus Garden, the Capitol Complex, the Open Hands Monument, the Legislative Assembly, the Secretariat and the Morni Hills.

Salient Features

Roads and Pathways

The Garden of Fragrance features walking and jogging tracks, which are useful for morning and evening walks. Early rises and evening walkers find the garden as a wonderful destination to enjoy a refreshing walk. Those who come for morning and evening walks to the garden get the real smell of the plants in the Garden of Fragrance.  Most of the walking or jogging tracks are well shaded from the sun, for a major portion of the trail.

Picnic Areas

The Garden of Fragrance has some picnic areas, where people get together to have fun with their family and friends. These picnic areas have open spaces with green grass and benches, where people can sit and rest. Shade is also provided in the picnic areas, so that people can relax and enjoy their outing. The ideal time to enjoy a picnic in the Garden of Fragrance is during the winter season, when outdoor activities are best to enjoy in Chandigarh.

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