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Son River

Located in Uttar Pradesh, Son River is the largest tributary of the sacred Ganges river. As per the Geology, the lower valley of Son River is an extension of the Narmada valley. On the banks of Son River is a major town situated known as “Dehri”. The length of the Son River is 784 kilometers and is one of the largest rivers in India. The Son River is shallow and wide and has a narrow floodplain. In the past it has been experienced that the Son River has changed its course. Heavy rainfall in the region increases the threat of disastrous floods in the nearby areas of Patna, Gaya and Shahabad as the waterbed cannot carry rain waters. In the dry climate the river becomes dry spreading sand on the eastern bank.


Son River joins the Ganges from the south, contributing around 1,000 m3/s. For hydroelectric power generation and to meet the irrigation needs, Bansagar Dam was built on the Son River. The multi-purpose dam is constructed in village Deolond in Shahdol district. The construction of the dam began in May 1978 and got completed in the year 2006. The dam is named Bansagar after the name of the famous Sanskrit scholar Bana Bhatt. The dam height is 67 meter and a length of 1020 meter. The catchment area of the dam is 18648 km² and dam type is earthen. Lots of farmers benefitted from the creation of the dam, but total 336 villages were submerged to create this water body. Currently the dam water benefits 54686 families. Former Prime Minister of India, Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee inaugurated the dam.


The main tributaries of Son River are –

Banas River

It is the main tributary of Son River, Banas and flows from Rajasthan State and then into Yamuna, a tributary of Ganges. Khamnor Hills of the Aravalli Range is the starting point of Banas River, cities like Jahajpur and Nathdwara lies on the banks. Banas River consumes a basin of 45,833 km² and is known to be the seasonal river as it dries during summer season.

Rihand River

Rihand River is the main tributary of Son River and flows from Chattisgarh and Uttar Pradesh State. A waterfall named Rakashgand fall on the river is a main tourist attraction.

Kanhar River

The river flows from the states of Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, and Chattisgarh the Kanhar River is the main tributary of Son River. It starts off from Gidha-Dhodha in Jashpur district of Chattisgarh.

The other tributaries of Son River are North Koel River, Ghaghar River, Johilla River and Gopad River.

Religious Significance

Son River joins the Ganges which is the sacred river for Hindus. Worshippers and visitors visit Ganges to bath in the waters which wash away their sins and also the bath is the symbol of paying respect to the ancestors. The water of the Ganges are carried back home by these worshippers and is used in holy rituals. Also the ashes of a deceased person are brought to Ganges, as water is the personification of all sacred waters as per Hindu mythology. Everyone evening a grand pooja and aarti is offered on the ghat of Varanasi.

How to Reach

A major town Dehri is situated on the banks of Son River. It is also known as “Dehri on Sone” and is well connected by rail and road. Dehri also has its own airbase.

By Road

Dehri is situated on NH2 which connects metro cities like Delhi and Kolkata. Also the public transportation of buses, auto rickshaw, Taxi and cycle rickshaw are available 24 hours.

By Air

Suara Airport is the domestic airbase in Dehri which has helicopters, choppers and private planes.

By Rail

Dehri is a major railway station which lies on the Gaya-Mughalsarai section. Trains run from Delhi, Indore, Patna and Varanasi to Dehri on a regular basis.

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