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Sarayu River

Sarayu River originates in Himalayas and flows from the state of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand.  The length of Sarayu River is 350 kilometers and 4150 meters is the source elevation. The name of the river is feminine and is derived from the Sanskrit language. The Sarayu River flows into the Ganges at 25°44′36″N 84°40′01″E.


Sarayu River finds its mention in the Rigveda, and as per Ramayana the Sarayu River flowed near the city of Ayodhya which is the Uttar Pradesh currently. In the Ramayana, Rama the seventh avatar of lord Vishnu absorbed himself to return to eternal form of Mahavishnu. Also in the river the brothers of Rama, Shatrughana and Bharat immersed themselves. On the banks of river Sarayu, King Rama was born. It is also mentioned in the mythology that on the banks of River Sarayu, Shravan Kumar was killed accidentally by King Dashratha. It is also said that Sarayu River is the only river running underneath the earth. As per Hindu mythology, it is believed that this holy river washes away impurities and sins of the town and rejuvenates. On various religious occasions thousands of visitors take a dip in the holy water of Sarayu River.


The river Ghaghara is the main tributary of Sarayu River, also the rivers Mahakali and Karnali join in the Bahraich District to be known as Sarayu River. Later Sarayu River meets Ganges, which flows 200 kilometers through the Himalayas.


Ghaghara River

It is the main tributary of River Sarayu which flows southeast through Bihar and Uttarpradesh. Sarayu River is stated to be identical with the modern Ghaghara River. Ghaghara River originates from Tibetan Plateau near Mansarovar Lake and cuts through Nepal and Himalayas. The river touches the international waters and is the largest river in Nepal with a length of 507 kilometers.

Mahakali River

Kali River or Mahakali River is named after the goddess Kali, which joins the river with river Karnali and adopts a new name River Sarayu in Bahraich district and post it meets with River Ganges. River Kali descends in plains and is called by the name of Sharda

Religious Significance

The River Sarayu is closely connected to the life of the god Rama as the city of Ayodhya is situated on the banks of River Sarayu. For getting a child king Dashratha had performed Yagya on the northern bank of River Sarayu. Also on the banks of River Sarayu god Rama had received Atibala and Bala mantras from saint Vishwamitra. The banks of River Sarayu are known for its magnificent architecture and religious temples. The festival of Ram Navami is celebrated every year, which is the birthday of Lord Rama. On the occasion a lot of devotees perform rituals and take a dip in the holy waters of Sarayu River at Ayodhya. Some other festivals celebrated are Sarayu Snan which is celebrated in the month of October to November where pilgrims bathe in the river which destroys all sins.

How to Reach

To visit Sarayu River the tourists will need to Ayodhya city first. The best season to visit this temple is during the months of October to March.

By Road

The city of Ayodhya is well connected to metro cities through roadways.

By Air

Nearest airport to visit Ayodhya city are Babatpur, Bumrauli and Amausi.

By Rail

Situated on the Northern railways broad gauge on the Mughal Sarai – Lucknow main route is Ayodhya city. Faizabad or Ayodhya is well connected to various parts of the country.

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