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Gomti River

Gomti River is a branch of the majestic Ganges River. It is also known by the names as Gumti or Gomati. As per the Hindu mythology the river is known to be the daughter of Sage Vashist. It is believed that bathing in the waters of the Gomati on Ekadashi (the eleventh day of the Sanatana Dharma i.e the Hindu calendar) can wash away the person’s sins. Srimad Bhagavatam, the maha Puranic texts of the Hinduism, states that the Gomti is one of the many transcendental rivers in India.


The Gomti River originates from the east of Pilibhit town at a height of 200 metres. It starts off from the Gomat Taal, also known as Fulhaar Jheel which is situated near the Madho Tanda in Pilibhit district, Uttar Pradesh. The river extends to a large area which is almost 900 km.

Various cities like the city of nawabs - Lucknow, Sultanpur, Lakhimpur Kheri, and Jaunpur are located on the banks of Gomti River and are the most well-known areas. The river divides Jaunpur city into two equal halves and becomes wider in Jaunpur.

After almost 20 kilometres from its origin, a small river, the Gaihaaee, joins it.  The river looks like a thin stream until it reaches Mohammadi Kheri, which is situated at a distance of 100 km, and is a pretty small tehsil of Lakhimpur Kheri district. Some tributaries like Andhra Choha, Sukheta and Choha join Gomti River. From this point, other small tributaries like Kathina at mailani and Sarayan at a village in Sitapur district connect to Gomti River. The other major tributary is the Sai River, which meets near Jaunpur. At the confluence (sangam) of Ganges and Gomti, the prominent Markandey Mahadeo temple is situated. After 240 kilometres, Gomti River reaches Lucknow and gently meanders through the city. 


Gomti River has a total of 22 tributaries and Sai River is considered as its major tributary. 

Significance in Today’s Time

The river satisfies the thirst of the city at the opening point where City's water supply systems are installed. Near Gomti Nagar area, the Gomti barrage seizes the river making it look like a beautiful blue water lake. Few years before, efforts were made by State Government to revamp the Gomti riverfront, and the Lucknow Development Authority (LDA) is planning to draw up a master plan, which necessitates making a channel for the river throughout its 14 km stretch and also develop various public utility facilities on the banks. Apart from beautification, amusements parks, Play grounds, and jogging tracks would be developed along the river. It will also be equipped with Good lighting so as to ensure all the activities in the evening.  

Civil society organisations took a ceremonial march on March 27, 2011 to spread the message -Keep Gomti clean. A large group of scientists, activists and civil society organisations passed through 13 districts of the Uttar Pradesh state. The March concluded on April 3, 2011 in Varanasi. It was helpful in encouraging the people to restore the river to its past glory and natural look.

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