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Kali River

Originating at the Doon Valley, the Kali River is a tributary of the Hindon River and passes through number of districts in Uttar Pradesh. Once the river is united with the Hindon River, it continues its journey till the outskirts of Delhi into the Yamuna river.


Emerging from the Doon Valley, the Kali River passes through the districts of Saharanpur, Muzaffarnagar and Bagpat in Uttar Pradesh. Flowing through Barnava and Bagpat, this river meets the Hindon River at Ghaziabad district. The total length covered by Kali between its origin point and the confluence point is 150 km. The river draws its identity as Kali, possibly due to the reason that its colour is black which signifies Kali in Hindi language.

The Kasganj district or the Kansiram Nagar created in 2008 boasts of the important feature of the River Kali, a vital tributary of the Hindon River. Rising from the Doon Valley, this river joins Hindon at Ghaziabad and finally finds its way to the Yamuna. This river with its twin canals, features special architectural prowess and grabs attention of people. Forming canals help in flood control as the excess water can be sucked out using pumps. This water can then be redirected to the canals. Proper irrigation of the alluvial soil makes this land highly fertile. The shape of this river adds to a special feature of this area. This tributary of Hindon meets Ganga close to Kanpur. Covering an area of 150 km the basin is sized at 750 sq km.

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