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Bhainsai River

There are countless small and big rivers in Uttar Pradesh, but the river Bhainsai holds its own unique significance to local people living in areas close to it. The size of this river is so small that it covers only few small regions of districts of Uttar Pradesh. The river is a very much vital element for local people as they do not have any other access to water. Reaching Bhansai village and the river is possible only if one travels through railways, as there is no other transport means available to reach there.


The history or evolution date on the Bhansai River is still not confirmed, but surely it is one of the oldest rivers of Uttar Pradesh as there is a village in Balrampur District that is named after it as Bhansai. This is an extremely small size village, where even basic amenities such as toilets and electricity are still not developed. For such reasons, the people living here have taken agriculture as their main occupation. The sole market of this village is referred as the bazaar, which is held only during Fridays. One can reach to this river or village through railways. The closest railway station to the village is Manakpur that is around 40kms away from the Bhansai Village.


Bhainsai is extremely small sized river of Uttar Pradesh, But it holds great importance to local people residing in regions adjacent to it. This river begins its path from a place named as Muhammadabad Gohna Mau. It further flows through various small regions of multiple districts such as Goura Chowki, Zahoorabad, Khirya, Kunjalpur, Bhainsai, Bhabhnan, Jigna, Pera, Kurasan, Maroucha, Thirukha Bujurg, Dhuswa, Andhyari Bazar and Baksara. The length and size of the river can be identified through areas covered by it in these regions. After moving from all these places, the river finally meets with the Tamsa River.


The Bhainsai River is believed to have no tributaries at all. It is a small sized river that precisely completes its course and does not wander here and there.

Religious Significance

There is not much religious significance possessed by the River Bhainsai. But since, it flows from different small villages of Uttar Pradesh, so it holds a great impact on the lives of people living in the regions adjacent to it. Bhansai is one such village of Uttar Pradesh where there is no electricity or basic amenities available for local people even till date. In such situation, the flowing water of River Bhainsai is very much importance of their daily living requirement.

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