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Sharda River

The river is located in the Pithorgarh District of Uttarakhand and the mouth of the river is at The Ghaghara River, Uttar Pradesh. The nick name of the river is Kali or Mahakali and the source of the river is one pond, which is at the Kali temple in the Kalapani in Pithorgarh District. The length of the river is approximately 350 kilometers and the river demarcates the Nepal’s western border. The dispute is long lasting over the border of Nepal. The river flows in the basin of Ganges and the government has proposed a dam on the river very soon.


The name of the river is derived from the goddess Kali and originates in the Greater Himalayas.


The river flows between the Nepalese zone and the Uttarakhand India. The River joins the Gori Ganga and Sarayu River in Pancheswar which is said to be the area situated on the route of Kailash Mansarovar Yatra. The goddess Kali temple is located in Kalapani, by which the name is derived is near the Lipu-Lekh pass at the border of India and Tibet.


The major tributaries of River Sharda are Dhauliganga, Sarju and Goriganga.

Religious Significance

The River is located in the greater Himalayas and is of the religious importance, as it has been named after the goddess Kali. The nick name of the river is also Mahakali. The area from the where the river flows comes in the path of the most sacred pilgrimage ever, the Kailash Mansarovar yatra.

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