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Ramganga River

Featuring the Moradabad, Badaun and Bareilly cities along its banks, the Ramganga River also has the Ramganga Dam crossing it at Kalagarh for hydroelectric generation as well as irrigation. The banks of the river get to see Ganga Dassahra Festival annually during September and October at the Chaubari village in close proximity to Bareilly. Having a drainage area of 30,641 sq km, this river unites many places in a common thread of its course.


Rising at the Doodhatoli ranges in Uttarakhand's Pauri Garhwal district, the Ramganga River flows towards a south west direction and makes its way to Uttar Pradesh. Taking its plunge from a high altitude of 800 to 900m, this tributary of Ganges flows through the Corbett National Park located near Ramnagar in the Nainital district. Descending from an altitude of 900m apparently, the riverbank accommodates the cities like Moradabad, Bareilly and Badaun. The primary locations that the Ramganga River flows through are Taal, Bhagoti, Chaukhutia, Masi and Bhikyasen. These regions mostly comprise the Kumaun zone. Running through the Corbett National Park, the riverbank is a definite treat for the tourists who get to experience a relaxing and rejuvenating time with their close ones. Further, fishing is a great activity, you are sure to enjoy and don't miss out on the Catfish and Mahseer extravaganzas. Thanks to this exotic arrangement of the Corbett National Park along with the Ramganga River, you get to enjoy a number of activities, along the riverbed.


Beginning its journey from the Doodhatoli range of Pauri Garhwal district Uttarakhand, the Ramganga's course continues with the Kumaun Himalaya. Other than the cities of Moradabad, Bareilly and Badaun, this river also beautifies the famous Corbett National Park. The Namik Glacier is the primary source of this river and Ganges the parent river for this tributary. The other places touched by this river in its course of movement are Taal, Masi, Bhagoti, Chaukhutia and Bhikyasen. Bonkhal, located near the Corbett National Park, offers splendid views of the Himalayas, in its exotic snowcapped form. From November to June, people coming to Corbett National Park can explore fun filed jeep safaris like Durgadevi, Domunda, Lohachaur. Bird watching is another great activity you can enjoy at the banks of Ramganga. For trekking, hiking, river rafting, rock climbing and swimming activities through its course, September to November is the ideal time.

The splendid line of vegetation in the regions covered by this river is a special feature of this river. This river is one of the primary hydrological resources, which further depends on its tributaries among  which the important ones are Palain, Mandal, Sonanadi. Ramganga is among the prominent most perennial water sources inside the Corbett National Park. Ramganga travels for almost 100 km prior to making its way into the Corbett National Park. Inside the Corbett National Park, the river flows to the west for apparently 40 km, reaching Kalagarh, where it finally enters the plains. At Kalagarh, there's a dam on the river creating a reservoir of almost 80 sq km and the backwaters from this area traverse till Dhikala. Going downstream from the Kalagarh area, the river takes a meandering course for 300 km across the Indo-Gangetic plains before draining at the river Ganga in Farrukhabad, Uttar Pradesh.


The river has two prime tributaries, the Eastern Ramganga and the Western Ramganga. The eastern Ramganga originating from the Nandakot hills has two more tributaries namely Jakula and Saryu. The western Ramganga emerges from the Doodhatoli ranges and then enters the Nainital district before going back into the Pauri Garhwal region. This tributary flows through the Patali Dun region and takes its course to the southeast before entering Kalagarh and running through Moradabad. This tributary is then joined by the other tributaries named Mandul, Palain and Sona.

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