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Kanhar River

Tracing its origin from the Gidha-Dhodha the Kanhar River flows through the three states of Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and Uttar Pradesh in India. In Chhattisgarh it emerges at the Khudia plateau and it continues in Uttar Pradesh at the Sonbhadra district. This river is a tributary of the Son.


This river features a number of waterfalls like Pavai Falls, Gur-Sindhu Falls, and the Sukhdari Falls. The Pavai Falls is located the near Kothali village or the Balrampur. This fall is approximately 61 metres. The Chinia Community block housing the Gur-Sindhu Falls is located 40 kilometres from Garhwa. Lastly, the Sukhdari Falls attaining a height of 100 ft lies near the confluence of the Chhattishgarh, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh borders. The river course comprises of a rocky bed all throughout and flowing through the forests, this is one of the most dangerous streams.

Presently, the Kanhar Hydroelectric Project including the Kanhar River development scheme is centred on Kanhar Reservoir on the Baradih at the district of Garhwa. This river also has a reservoir located close to the Chinia Village. The Sinchal Kanhar Pariyojana located at downstream of the junction of the Pagan River with the Kanhar is placed closely to Sugawaman Village in the Dudhi Tehsil housed near Sonbhadra district.


The Kanhar River rising from the Gidha- Dhodha starts from the Khudia Plateau in the Jashpur District of Chhattisgarh. Starting from the north, this river creates a boundary including the Garhwa districts falling in Jharkhand Palamu division. Through the Surguja District, the river flows for almost 100 km. Running parallel towards the Son, the river turns to the north west and passes across the Sonbhadra district located in Mirzapur division of Uttar Pradesh. The Kanhar River meets the Son at the Kota Village.


This Kanhar River is having following tributaries and they are Suria, Sendur, Galphulla, Goita, Chana, Lanva, Theme, Hathinala, Riger, Pandu, Kursa, and Cherna Nallah.

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