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Veega Land

Kerala’s one of the most popular amusement park, Veega land, renames as Wonderala is located in Pallikara, district Ernakulam. This park is the first water based theme park of the country. Since its inception, it has been offering a lot of joy, fun, thrill and excitement to the visitors coming here in large numbers. This theme park is sprawled in an area of about 30 acres and offers an action packed time to visitors seeking thrill and adventure. The park is perched atop a hillock that is located about 77 metres above the level of the sea. Visitors also love to enjoy a birds’ eye view of the place from this high altitude. The whole park is designed carefully. Beautifully landscaped gardens and fields add beauty to this place. The designing of this park matches global standards and as such it has won several accolades in past few years for offering an eco friendly tourist destination. Moreover, it has also attained international certification for safety, award for pollution control and ISO 14001:2004 for the protection of the environment. All these awards and certifications are an indication of the fact that the park takes its responsibilities about the environment and ecology of the place seriously.

Veega Land is not only popular among youngsters but also among grownups who love to enjoy taking rides on hi-fi rides available in the park. Some of the rides are so exciting that one wishes to enjoy them again and again. Some of the rides are one of the only kinds in this park. Besides staying vigilant about the environment, the park also takes care of the safety and security of the visitors coming here. The rides are very safe and the guards posted all around the park ensure that visitors are not involved in any safety mishap. Regular supervision and periodic inspection ensures that the rides are safe. There are water lifeguards too close to the water rides ensuring that the visitors stay safe while enjoying these rides. The staff wears proper identification cards hanging in their necks so it is easy to identify them. In case of any problem, they can be asked for help. A help desk located close to the ticket counter offers information about the park and answers any query about the park that a guest might have. Guards are well trained in emergency measures and first aid. All these measures ensure that the guests coming here stay safe and secure while enjoying a wide array of rides.

This amusement park offers both water based as well as dry rides. The water rides are inspected periodically to ensure cleanliness of water. For this purpose, a reserve osmosis plant has also been installed in the park that takes care of water filtration. Quality of water is of paramount importance for the staff. The park also has a laboratory where they check water for its purity. This way, any harmful wastes in water are identified fast and steps taken to ensure its quality and safety. The park also recycles the water and uses it again for watering of gardens. There is a sewage treatment plant for this purpose.

Veegaland offers a wide array of thrilling rides to its visitors. These rides offer a thrilling experience and make your visit a memorable one. There are four categories of rides available in this amusement park. These are kid rides, water rides, hair raising rides and family rides.

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Nearest Bus Stop

The nearest bus station to reach this garden is Ernakulam bus station. Many state owned buses or luxury buses also ply their services to this destination.

Nearest Railway Station

The nearest railway station is Ernakulam North railway station that is located about fifteen kilometres away.

Nearest Airport

The closest airport to reach Veegaland Gardens is Cochin International Airport that is located at a distance of 22kms


Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary

Located in the middle of the city Cochin, this bird sanctuary is worth visiting as it houses some of the rare species of birds. The sea as well as backwaters is located close to this sanctuary.

Parikshith Thampuram Museum

Another worth visiting destination located close to Veega Land is Parikshith Thampuram Museum. It is here where Cochin Rajas conducted their durbars. Some wonderful archaeological artefacts and exhibits are housed by this museum.

Facilities provided by Veega Land

This amusement park offers a wide array of facilities to the visitors coming here to ensure that they have a good time in the park. Some of the major facilities available are locker facility for storing belongings, rest rooms, parking area, multi cuisine restaurants, conference halls, ice cream parlours, snack bars, prayer hall, telephone baths, baby feeding area, dormitories, curio corner, toilets and changing rooms.

The park also offers facilities to organise birthday parties, conferences, launch of new products and meetings. They offer special facilities for these activities. Smoking and drinking within the premises is strictly prohibited. Advance booking facilities are also available.

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