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Snake Park

The Snake Park located in Chennai is a part of a Non-profit organization. This park came into existence in the year 1972. Renowned herpetologist Romulus Whitaker designed this park and it is considered to be the first reptile park in the country. This Snake Park is also referred to as Guindy Snake Park. It is located in the campus of Guindy National Park close to the Children’s Park. Earlier, the erstwhile Madras Crocodile Bank Trust occupied this place. Today this park houses a variety of reptiles like adders, vipers, pythons, cobras and many other varieties of reptiles. The park was recognized by the Central Zoo Authority as a medium zoo in the year 1995.

Earlier this park was known as Madras Snake Park Trust (MSPT) and the herpetologist who conceived the idea of its designing and set up was an Indian by birth but American by nationality. His name was Romulus Whitaker. After working with Florida’s Miami Serpentarium, he came to India and set up a small park housing a variety of snakes at Selaiyur Village close to Chennai. Later, he received a small piece of land at Guindy from Department of Forests, Tamil Nadu Government on lease. Some other nature lovers joined him and together and established a bigger park. For the proper management of this park and its affairs, they set up a trust. The park was renovated several times as the need arose and in the year 1994, some additional facilities were also added to this park. A big aquarium for turtles and sea snakes was also built. The name of the park was changed to its present name in the year 1997 aftr the name of the city changed.

Sprawled in an area of one acre within the premises of Guindy National Park has become very popular today. About seventy thousand visitors come here every year. Many of them are children. This park gives them a chance to see reptiles in their artificially created habitat. The park earns a revenue of Rupees six million.

Presently the park houses about 39 species of reptiles. Out of them, there are 23 Indian snake species and 4 exotic crocodile species, 3 Indian tortoise species and 6 large Indian lizard species. Some unique species of snakes that can be seen here are Russell’s viper, reticulated python, common Krait, Indian rock python, saw scaled viper, red sand boa, Indian rat snake, common cat snake, dog faced water snakes, common kukri snake, checkered keelback, common bronzeback tree, banded sea krait, annulated sea snake, olive keelback, hook nosed sea snake, banded sea krait, spectacled cobra, common wolf snake, and many more.

Gharial, saltwater crocodile, African dwarf crocodile, marsh crocodile, spectacled caiman, Siamese crocodile and Nile crocodile are some of the crocodile species seen in this park. Variety of other reptilians like water monitor, Indian Black turtle, Indian Star tortoise, Bengal monitor, Indian flap shell turtle, South Asian Chameleon and Spotted rock gecko can also be seen here.

Enclosures made up of glass have been made for the snakes. Large lizards and crocodiles can be seen in open air enclosures. Wire mesh and parapet walls protect these enclosures. A large aquarium housing turtles and water snakes has also been set up. Proper signages in English as well as Tamil offer factual information about the park and the species housed here.

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Nearest Bus Stop

The nearest bus station to reach this garden is Chennai bus station. Many state owned buses, TSTC or luxury buses also ply their services to this destination.

Nearest Railway Station

The nearest railway station is at Chennai. There are three railway stations in this city- Central, Tambaram and Egmore.

Nearest Airport

The closest airport to reach Snake Park is Chennai International Airport.


Fort St George

One of the prominent landmarks in the city, Fort St George is an area where important buildings like the Secretariat and Legislative Assembly is located.

National Art Gallery

Also referred to as Victoria Memorial Hall, this building is positioned at the Pantheon Complex. This building is made using pink sandstone and Jaipuri-Jaina style has been used in its designing.

Facilities Provided by Snake Park

A wide spectrum of facilities is offered by this Snake Park. The tourists coming here are thrilled to see a wide number of reptilian species. The park offers locker facilities to the guests who wish to store their things till the time they are busy in exploring this park. There are rest rooms to rest for a while, telephone booths, snack bars and many more. There is an auditorium where people can see audio visual movies about the reptiles housed here. The park also organises school and college trips for the students to f=gain more knowledge about these species.

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