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Malampuzha Gardens

Located in Palakkad, Malampuzha Gardens is known for its pristine beauty. The garden is beautifully landscaped. This garden is located right in front of Malampuzha Dam. The verdant lawns simply mesmerises the visitors coming here. Well arranged flower beds with colourful flowers add further attraction to this garden. The garden has pathways where visitors can enjoy a stroll around. Fountains located in this garden are fun to watch. At times, one simply loses any sense of time watching water soar into the sky. The garden also boasts of beautiful sculptures that are liked by all who come here to enjoy a wonderful time. The famous sculpture, a creation of Sri Kanayi Kunhiraman is simply a sight to behold.

The beauty of this garden enhances by several notches when a canal flowing from the middle of the garden is witnessed. This canal seems truly apt for this garden. To go across the canal, visitors can use two bridges that are hanging above this canal. The place becomes all the more enticing on weekdays or any prominent public holidays when lights illuminate this place. The garden bathed in bright lights looks very appealing. Trees and flower beds illuminated with colourful lights make it very appealing.

The garden also houses a children’s park. A ride on the toy train is very famous among children. There is a mini zoo as well as an aquarium to see. Some wonderful wild animals can be seen here. There is a swimming pool and a reservoir also located within the premises. Boating can also be enjoyed by the visitors coming here.
The garden around the canal is designed in a Japanese style. There is only one ropeway in South India and that one is located within this garden. Enjoying picturesque sights from a high altitude appeals visitors coming here and as such the ropeway is one of the most prominent attractions of this garden.

A snake garden, trips through road train and telescope tower are other attractions to be enjoyed in this garden. Some visitors simply enjoy the beautiful sights and beauty of nature scattered around. There are many benches and rest places located in the garden where one can sit and enjoy the hustle and bustle all around. The garden is open from morning 8 to evening 8.

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Nearest Bus Stop – The nearest bus station to reach this garden is Palakkad bus station. Many state owned buses or luxury buses also ply their services to this destination.

Nearest Railway station – The nearest railway station is Palakkad railway station that is located about seven kilometres away from Malampuzha.
Nearest Airport – The closest airport to reach Malampuzha Gardens is Coimbatore International Airport that is located at a distance of 146kms


Malampuzha Dam

The Malapuzha Dam is one of the popular irrigation dams in this area. This dam was constructed in the year 1955. The dam serves several purposes. It not only enhances the beauty of the place but also covers a wide area’s irrigation. Faraway fields are irrigated through this dam. The area located nearby is resplendent with greenery.

Malampuzha Reservoir

There is a reservoir in this area where a wide variety of water based activities can be enjoyed. This is the perfect place for all those who are looking for some relaxation and enjoying natural beauty spread all around in this area. The beauty of Western Ghats can be enjoyed from this threshold.  

Facilities provided by Malampuzha Gardens

Malampuzha Gardens is the perfect place for relaxation. This garden is known to offer a wide array of attractions to the visitors coming here. There is a toy train that can be enjoyed by the kids. Moreover, a telescope tower helps visitors to enjoy wonderful sights. There are rest areas where visitors can relax and simply enjoy the surroundings. A mini zoo and aquarium located in the premises of this garden further enhances the fun and enjoyment for the visitors.

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