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Unchalli Falls

The beautiful waters and dense, green forest around Unchalli Falls make this place a delightful retreat. It’s a pleasure to hear the silence of this forest being broken by hurtling sounds of this beautiful waterfall. The sound and the sight of this waterfall is a delightful scene for tourist’s eyes. The image of water falling from a height down to the rocky mountain is highly attractive and helps to release the all the physical and mental worries of visitors. The Unchalli Falls are accompanied with the steep mountain slopes and tracks, chilled breeze, deep gorges and amazing flora and fauna. It is also considered as one of the nosiest waterfall. Locals call it as Jog falls due to its unique rock formation which gives waterfall the different look and the height of the falls.

The flow of water enhances the beauty of Unchalli Falls, which is situated amidst a dense forest. The silence of the forest is broken by hurtling sounds of the waterfall here. The sound and the sight of this waterfall is a delight for tourists along with the surreal image they create. The image of water falling from a height down to the rocky mountain is attractive. It transports you from the material world to one that is free of all worries.

Unchalli Falls are accompanied by steep mountain slopes and tracks. This beauty is multiplied with the presence of a chilled breeze, deep gorges and amazing flora and fauna. Also considered as one of the nosiest waterfalls of the region, locals call it Jog falls. Unchalli Falls also have a unique rock formation, which gives waterfall a different look. The height of the falls is also empowering.


Unchalli Falls are located at Uttara Kannada district, which is 30 km away from Sirsi. Also called Lushington falls because they were discovered in 1845 by J D Lushington who was the collector of British district at the time.

This waterfall is also called as Keppa Joga because it is a popular trek. One needs to trek for about 5 km from Heggarne village to reach the waterfall through a dense forest. Famous for its shape and spread, they fall from a height of 170 km.

Flora & Fauna


Uttara Kannda is home to many rivers, waterfalls and rich flora. This region is known for its medical plants that are being used in traditional Ayurvedic system of medicine. The forests here are also a protected reserve for biodiversity in the region and for conservation of medicinal species. The waterfall is surrounded by a dense and steep forest which is rare and gives thrilling experience to the tourist. You can also enjoy looking at a variety of flowers here. The cool breeze, deep gorges and flora add immense fun to your visit at Unchalli Fall.


Unchalli Falls have a rich fauna, which includes various birds, mammals and reptiles. Birds like peacock, wholly necked stock, blue rock pigeon, racket tailed drongo, grey jungle fowl, Malabar pied hornbill, grey hornbill, orange headed thrush, common kestrel, cuckoo, jungle owlet, common kingfisher, copper smith, greater golden back wood pecker and black headed oriole are found here.

Mammals include chital, langur, mouse, barking deer, leopard, wild boar, jungle cat, sambar dear, deer, pangolin, mongoose, porcupine, flying squirrels, giant squirrels. Reptiles like hill keel back, green vine snake, green keel back, king cobra, rat snake and cobra.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Unchalli Falls is during monsoon season, which is between July and October.


Many hotels and lodges are available at Sirsi and Yellapur for visitors to this region.

Visitor Information

  • The entry fee is Rs 10 for two-wheelers, Rs. 25 for cars and Rs. 55 for bus.
  • It is advisable to hire a guide or experienced trekker to avoid any mishap.
  • The operating hours are: Monday to Friday from 6 am- 6 pm.

How to Reach


Hubli is the nearest airport to visit Unchalli falls.


The nearest railway head is Kumta Railway Station, which is 70 km from Unchalli district.


Unchalli Falls are 100 km away from Bangalore. The waterfall is located at the distance of 19 km from Yellapur and 25 km from Sirsi.

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