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Sogal Falls

Belgaum district (Karnataka State) prides in a special in its vicinity, the Sogal Falls. The nomenclature of this destination is credited to a hermit by the name of Sugola Muni who, according to mythological tales and scriptures, is believed to have lived here. Apart from its lovely and beautiful locales, Sogal is especially visited for the waterfall.
Sogal Falls present a mesmerizing sight where crystal clear water falls are like shimmering curtains in the equally captivating backdrop. The hillside is made of strong sturdy rock, which make the water tumble down from a staggering height of 30 feet. Tourists throng this destination to revere in the beautiful surroundings of these waterfalls and also enjoy other tourist places to make most of their visits. Sogal also holds great mythological and religious relevance thus, is favorite of religious-minded people.


Sogal Falls are located over the hillside and present an exotic sight in the backdrop of old temples and forts. One such fort located near to Sogal falls is the fort of Kadamba Kings (locally known as Kadambarayana Kote) that spills historical magnificence all around. The architecture and the mythological aura of these are great to be enjoyed and admired. There are several other temples and scenic spots such as Ajjappana Gudi, Surya-Chandra shrine (made of stone), Girija Temple and Someshwara Temple.

The locals of Sogal are fond of narrating their favorite folklore according to which tigers and other wild animal used to come to Sogal and intently listen to the religious teachings of sages and hermits. There goes another legend where marriage of Shiva and Parvati is believed to have taken place in ancient temple named Kalyanmantapa. This temple houses ancient statuette of Parvati and Panchanana Shiva adoring traditional ornaments, thus making devotees bow in great reverence and veneration.

Best Time to Visit

The most suitable time to visit Sogal falls is soon after the rainfall (right after monsoon months). Right after the rainfall, the vicinity is washed off all dryness and dust and a thriving waterfall can be enjoyed. There is lush greenery all around thus presenting even more attractive sight. If you are living in and around the Sogal falls, reach here in the morning and spend time picnicking till evening.

Entry Tickets

The entry ticket to Sogal falls is Rs 10/- per head. Tourists should also remain prepared to pay parking fee of their private vehicles. However, tourists can visit surrounding temples and other structures free of cost.

How to Reach

The distance between Belgaum (Karnataka) to Sogal Water Falls is mere 61 km. However, if tourists plan to have stopovers in between, the distance would vary accordingly. Travelling by road from Belgaum to Soga will take according 1 hour.

Start your road journey take 1st right toward Panjim-Belgaum road. On the way, you will come across several landmarks such as Mangesh Honda, Vasan Eye Care Hospital, Sanyukta Maharashtra Chowk, Kalyan Jewellers and Pragati Petrol Pump. After this, take a right turn to remain on Bachi-Raichur Highway and pass by SC Motors. After passing by Governmentt Primary Hospital, the destination of Sogal falls will be on the right hand side.

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