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Irupu Falls

In the district of Kodagu in Karnataka state in Brahmagiri range is located the Irupu waterfalls. The waterfall is formed with the fresh water chute and is situated 48 km from Virajpet on Nagarhole highway. The other name given to this waterfall is Lakshmana Tirtha Falls that was given the name because of the tributary name that is formed at the edge of this waterfall formed by River Cauvery.

From the waterfall, a forest trial leads towards the Brahmagiri peak located at the southern end of Kodagu. This waterfall is not only a tourist spot but also a very auspicious pilgrim place. This place has a temple that is dedicated to Lord Shiva that is known as Rameshwara temple. This temple is located on the River Lakshmana Tritha banks. The temple sees maximum number of pilgrims at the time of Shivaratri.

The history of the place is linked to the era of Ramayana when Lord Rama and Lakhsmana while crossing this area while searching for Mata Sita stopped at this place since Lord Rama felt thirsty and asked Lakshmana to get some water for him. To serve water to his brother Lakshmana, he shot an arrow towards the hills of Brahmagiri and hence, the waterfall was formed and that also gave it the name Lakshmana Tirtha. Since that time, this waterfall is also considered sacred and is believed to cleanse the sins of those who take dip in this waterfall.

The waterfall receives its waters majorly from the rains but yet this waterfall is perennial. The water in the fall is maximum during monsoon season while in summers the waterfall forms a narrow stream. One can also spot the “Malabar Blue Bandit” butterfly near the falls.

The other nearby attraction is the Nagarahole National Park that is at a distance of 50 Kms from the falls. Few of the other attractions are Brahmagiri Peak, Brahmagiri wild Life Sanctuary also called Pakshi-Patala.

Best Time to Visit

The most favorable time to visit this place is during the monsoon season when there is plenty of water in the fall and also gives mesmerizing view. Temple remains closed from 1 PM to 6 PM.

How to Reach

By Air

The nearest airport to reach this place is the Mysore airport.

By Rail

The nearest rail line to visit the waterfall is the Srimangala in Mysore.

By Road

The closest cities to reach the waterfall are Bangalore at distance of 260 kms, Mysore is situated 120 kms away and Virajpet is located at distance of 48 kms.

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