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Gokak Falls

Located in the district of Belgaum are the magnificent waterfalls known as Godchinamalaki falls. The waterfalls are at a distance of 15 km from Gokak while it is 40 km from Belgaum. The waterfall is surrounded by deep green valley.

The other name given to this waterfall is the Markandeya waterfall bounded in a craggy valley that can be easily accessible of foot from village named Godchinamalaki that has also given its name to this waterfall. Few of the vehicles also take the visitors to the waterfalls through a route 2 km long that passes through rough road. The waterfall can be easily accessed from two different routes one way is from Malebail road that also has a bridge to reach waterfalls while the other route traverse through the temple of Guru Siddheshwar also referred as Hatti Siddheshwar. On these two routes, visitors reach either by foot or local vehicle while there is also one more route that can be covered only on foot via Nirvaneshwara Matha located close to Yogikolla.

Regular buses ply to and fro from Belgaum to the waterfalls while covering Ankalagi, Mavanur and Pachhapur. The closest rail line to the waterfalls is in Pachhapur from where buses can be taken to reach the falls. The railway station is at a distance of 8 km from falls.

There are two waterfalls formed by river Markandeya, where one waterfall is located at a height of 25 meters flowing through wobbly valley. The other fall is formed very near distance at a height of approximately 20 meters.

In a radius of 6 km of the waterfall there are 2 dams one located on River Ghataprabha and is called Hidkal dam while other is built on Markandeya River that is named as Shirur Dam.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit the falls is in months from June to September.

How to Reach

By Road

Belgaum is well connected to the nearby states named Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. Buses operated by KRTC run from nearby states.

By Rail

 Belgaum is the rail line that is located closest to the Godchinamalaki waterfalls.

By Air

The closest airport to reach Belgaum is in Sambra located at distance of 10 kms from main city.

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