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Jog Waterfalls

The second highest rushed waterfall of India is known with the name Jog Falls. This file is also referred as Gerosoppa falls or the Joga falls. The falls are part of Sagara Taluk and are considered as one of the major tourist spot for the visitors to this area. The location of the waterfall is on the border of district Uttara Kannada and Shimoga.
The waterfall is formed from the waters of River Sharavathi and falls from the height of 253 meters thus ranking it as the second highest waterfall in the country. The first to be ranked is the Nohkalikai falls that fall from the height of 335 meters.

The Jog falls form a narrow stream of water during the monsoon season when the dam does not have much of water since the water is stored in the dam majorly for generating hydroelectric power. The water in the falls is served by monsoon rains.

The other benefit of this falls is the Linganmakki Dam that has been built over Sharavathi River that is the source for both the waterfall and the dam. The dam is used for generating the electricity through the power station that was built here and was made operational since 1949. The capacity of this power plant is to generate electricity of 1200 MW. This power station is also ranked as the largest hydro power station in the country and is the major source of power supply for the state of Karnataka.

This power station got its name from the King of Mysore and hence is named as Krishna Rajendra hydro-electric project. The plant was further named as Mahatma Gandhi hydro-electric project. Till 1960, the dam was served from Hirebhaskara dam. Later, the dam received its waters from Sharavathi River after the efforts of Sir M. Visvesvaraya and hence used for generating the power.

Best Time to Visit

The most favorable time to visit the Jog Falls is in the season of winters. The weather during the winter season is haze free. The months from August to December are best to view the flow of water since it has maximum of it during this time.

How to Reach

By Rail

The nearest rail head to reach the waterfall is the Thalaguppa in the district of Shimoga.

By Road

The closest bus stops to visit the waterfall are Sagara and Jog falls bus stops.

By Air

The closest airport to visit the waterfalls is at a distance of 130 km.

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