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Manikyadhara Falls

Situated at the distance of 25 KM close to Kemmanagundi on the Bababudangiri hills in Chikmagalur are Manikyadhara waterfalls. To reach the waterfalls, one has to travel through the stairs leading to the base of waterfall. Though the waterfall is little small, yet it is favorite for the bikers, hikers and those having flavor of nature. The neighboring places to the waterfall give an enchanting view. One can enjoy peaceful time at this place and hence, feels relaxed from their stressful life.

The area of the waterfall is considered sacred both for the Hindu and Muslim community. The major attraction is the Baba Budan Giri or also known as Dattapeeta. The surroundings of the waterfall are rich in the various herbal medicines. The waters of the waterfall are also considered good for various treatments. The water in the falls is very cold and thus helps in relieving the stress from body.

The other noticeable feature of this waterfall that the water in this waterfall does not gets sparse during the summer season. The water of the waterfall remains ice cold even during the summer season.

The waterfall is surrounded by a forest named Shola. The literal meaning of “Manikyadhara” is string of pearls. The surroundings are calm and tranquil and hence, attract large number of visitors.

Best Time to Visit

The Manikyadhara waterfall can be visited all-round the year and the fall is always filled with plenty of water.

How to Reach

By Air

The closest airport to reach the waterfall is the Mangalore airport.

By Rail

The closest rail line to visit the waterfall is the Chikmagalur Railway station.

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