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Sirimane Waterfalls

Sirimane Waterfalls are famous for their beauty and delightful surroundings. They have an imminent presence among the many other waterfalls of the Western Ghats. Located merely 5 km away from a place called Kigga (near Sringeri), this small but extremely beautiful waterfall holds attention of every visiting tourist. This is an enchanting waterfall where nature can be seen in its loveliest and bountiful state. The approach to this waterfall is very friendly, via a good and a motorable road.

Though smaller in size, Sirimane Waterfalls presents a truly magnificent sight. The rocks are not at all slippery and are sturdy enough to bear the weight of tourists who stand over them to enjoy the fall of the water.


Sirimane Waterfalls would never be seen deserted or isolated not just because of its scenic and natural beauty, but for the fact that is easily reachable. Many day-tourists are seen here on their motor bikes or cars. However, long vacationers can team up their visit to Sirimane Waterfalls along some other nearby destinations, thus make their trip truly unforgettable. Places that lie in close vicinity of Sirimane Waterfalls are -

  • Kigga is a tiny village located close to Sirimane falls and is known for its wonderful trekking route. This village also has many exotic landscapes and primeval temples that present a nice and enjoyable backdrop. Adventure loving tourist can also enjoy hiking, trekking, camping and rock climbing.
  • Hari Temple in Hariharapura is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is believed to be built nearly 400 years ago. This temple is situated on banks of Tunga River and has a 110 years-old ancient bridge that is a preferable visiting site of every tourist visiting this area.
  • Sharada Temple is dedicated to Goddess Sharadamba and was built during 14th century, thus carrying immense historical and mythological relevance. The temple compound has a maha mandapam along with several stone pillars carrying carved images of deities. This temple celebrates many religious events such as Deepotsava, Sri Sharadamba Rathotsava and Lalitha Panchami with great fun and fanfare.

Best Time to Visit

The most suitable time to visit is Sirimane Waterfalls soon after rain as this place is in its best lush and green state then only. Right after the monsoon season, this destination is always seen thriving with hordes of tourists.

Entry Tickets

Entry ticket to reach Sirimane Waterfalls is Rs 5/- per head.

How to Reach

  • The closest city to Sirimane Waterfalls, which can be reached by road, is Shimoga. After reaching Kigga, the distance that remains to be covered is just 5 km that can be walked as well as can be covered on any vehicle too.
  • Those who prefer to reach here via railway, can access Sirimane Waterfalls by reaching Udupi Railway station.
  • The closest airport to reach here is Mangalore International airport. Sirimane Waterfalls can be also reached by road from Bangalore that is some 300 kms away.
  • After reaching Kigga, the distance that remains to be covered is just 5 km that can be walked as well as can be covered on any vehicle too.

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