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Chunchanakatte Falls

The waterfall on River Kaveri situated in Chunchanakatte village is named as Chunchanakatte falls. This village is part of Mysore district in state of Karnataka. The water flows from the height of 20 meters and is part of Western Ghats. At a point, the river forms two different smaller falls that gain further joins the flow to form the river.
There is also a temple devoted to Lord Kodanda that is located near the waterfalls.

The village of Chunchanakatte is referred as the holy place. Itis said to be one of the place where Lord Rama stayed during his exile period and two people of the village named Chuncha and Chunchi serve him with their hospitality. The importance that these falls carry with them is that their sounds can be heard from all the nearby by areas but no sound can be heard inside sanctum sanctorum of an ancient temple. The story behind this is linked to when Sita Mata complained Lord Rama that she got disturbed with the constant sound of the waterfall and hence Lord Rama gave the curse.

Initially, there were no waterfalls at this location it was only after Sits Mata asked Lord Rama that she wants to bath that Lord Rama ordered his younger brother, Lakshmana to shoot an arrow on the rock after which the water started flowing from the rocks where later Sita Mata took her daily bath to relax herself.

The important festival celebrated near the waterfalls is the Brahma Ratotsava that is done on the Makara Sankranti in the month of January. The other major occasion celebrated is the cattle festival performed in the first week of January.

This place was no less than a paradise before the power plant came into existence. Many of the regional movies of the Kannada language have been shot at this location. The major classes of people who stay in the nearby villages are the farmers and the sugar mill employees. Currently, many of the power plant employees have also started settling in this area.

Best Time to Visit

The most appropriate time to visit the waterfalls in is months of January and February.

How to Reach

By Road

To reach these waterfalls, one can travel only through road transport. Both the privately owned and government owned vehicle run on this route.

By Rail

The nearest rail line is in Mysore that is 54 Km away from the waterfalls.

By Air

The Mysore and Bangalore is the closest airport to reach waterfalls.

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