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Shivaganga Falls

Shivaganga falls are located at a distance of about 45 km from Sirsi in North Kannada district of Karnataka. Shivaganga is one of the best falls of Western Ghats and is situated and it borders three taluks namely Sirsi, Yellapur and Ankola regions. From Sirsi, one can take a bus till Jaddigadde. Waterfall is at a distance of about 3 km from Jaddigadde. Forest department has built several spots to have a view of the waterfall and the valley from a safe distance. There are several teashops at Jaddigadde and other places like Hulekal, Vanalli etc.

The beautiful falls is 74m tall and originates from Sonda River. This beautiful waterfall offers an adventure trek climbing down it. It includes walking, hopping and even taking help of ropes to climb down. The beautiful fall offers mesmerizing view of water plunging into the natural pond. One can also enjoy swimming in this natural pool and enjoy the awesomeness of this fall. The beauty of this place gets elevated to a next level due to its lovely location amidst dense and thick forests of Western Ghats.

The beautiful Sonda River falls from a height of about 74 m into the deep valley making the scenery a great watch. Shivaganga is surrounded by lush thick green forests that present a beautiful view of the entire valley. Reaching Shivaganga falls is very adventurous as one has to cross the thick forest to reach the falls. Many people go for camping tours at the base of waterfall.

People can book cycle treks or rope treks to explore this beautiful place. There are many operators that do the trekking. Overall, it is a beautiful experience to be in the lap of Mother Nature.


There is a small island near the falls known as Ganeshpal island. This name is derived from Lord Ganesha’s name due to the presence of a small mural of Lord Ganesha inside a temple present there.This island can be visited to explore the nature at its best with the calmness of divinity.

Jog falls which are second largest falls in India can also be visited. They are located at a distance of 286 km from Shivaganga falls.

One can also explore the neighboring city of Karwar which is also referred to as a treasure of nature. It has beautiful beaches that can be visited.

Best Time to Visit

Best time to visit this place is during monsoons or post monsoon or early winters if one wishes to view dense waterfalls at its best. June-November is the best time to visit. These falls can be visited during morning to early evening hours. One has to be cautious during monsoon due to high risk of drowning if water pressure is high.

  • Things one must carry: This trek is very adventurous with big rocks and trees around. So, one must carry a rope while on this trek.
  • Other things to carry: Cap, good sport shoes with grip, water, snacks, camps etc.

How to Reach


Dabolim is the nearest airport to these falls. Also, Hubli which is 2.5 hrs away from Sirsi.


Sirsi is about 44 km from Shivaganga falls. Sirsi is linked to districts of Dharwad, Udupi, Haveri, Belagaon and Shimoga. The state corporation has a network of buses that can be taken. Yellapur is 63 km and Karwar is 140 km from falls.


Nearest railway station is Kumta which is about 58 km from Sirsi. Kumta is on Konkan Railway line connecting Mangalore to Mumbai.

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