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Vibhutipura Lake

Bangalore, capital city of south Indian state of Karnataka, is one of must choice of tourists visiting India. Indians too prefer to visit the place due to its natural beauty it offers. It is also a great attraction for I.T. professionals as it is a hub of large number of technological institutes.

Various tourist attractions are there in the city such as beautiful lakes with lush green gardens and islands all around, historical monuments, museums, amusement parks, wildlife sanctuaries, weekend getaways and a large film city.

The city houses number of lakes (around 150) such as the famous Ulsoor Lake, Yediyur Lake, Sankey Lake, Hebbel Lake, Vibhutipura Lake and many more.

Lakes in Bangalore being big or small are one the major water source for the natives of the city in earlier times. Now with the increasing population and shortage of water, the government is taking extensive measures to restore these natural water bodies and thus is making efforts to make them into beautiful attractions. This would help maintaining and restoring the ecological balance of the city thus preserving the environment.

Vibhutipura Lake is one of the lakes in Bangalore which is adversely affected by environmental imbalance due to negligence of the people living nearby. The lake is situated in LB Shastri Nagar, near HAL Airport. The lake is spread over an area of 43 acres and is a house of various flowers, plants, migratory birds and fishing species. Natives and tourists used to enjoy the boating and fishing activities. The area also serve as long jogging and walking area for the localities as it was filled with great fresh air and greenery. But with the increasing population and commercial activities, the lake is getting highly polluted. The lake was said to be the lungs of the area and now people are getting asthmatic with the increasing water and air pollution. Local citizens of Shastri Nagar are now having decided to restore the natural beauty and make it as clean and tidy as in the original way.

An organization named VIBHUTIPURA KERE ABHIVRUDDHI MATTU SAMRAKSHANE SAMITI (VIKAS) was formed in 2006 by the local residents of Shastri Nagar for the restoration of the lake. Utkarsh, a group of residents of the area was formed to motivate residents and the state government to take strict measures to restore the lake to its original form. A lake team was formed to pursue the forest department and the government to save the lake. A walkathon was organized in 2012 to make a note to the citizens all over regarding the degrading lake. Restoration work was then handed over to BDA and the success of walkathon results in the formation of VIKAS.
From February 2013, restoration work has begun being the foremost priority. BDA officials had hired a contractor and had given 1 year time to clean the sewage, garbage in and around the lake. The work includes building of walking tracks, formation of islands, fixing of bunds and restoring the water level. According to reports, maximum work has been completed in fast track manner and BDA officials are taking regular feedbacks on the level of completion.

The main purpose of formation of VIKAS is heading towards in a positive manner with the lake regaining its natural and original beauty. The members have now taken a pledge to preserve their natural heritage as it is and again make it into one of the most beautiful tourist attractions of the city.

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