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Kukkarahalli Lake

Located in Mysore city, Kukkarahalli Lake or Kukkarahalli Kere is a popular getaway for the nature lovers. The lake located within the city limits used to be a water source during earlier days but increasing encroachment led to reduction in water volume and area of the lake. However, Kukkarahalli Lake is still a big draw from nature lovers and those looking for some moments of peace and solace in the bustling city life. The lake is one of the few breathing spaces in Mysore and is popular among locals and tourists alike.


The lake was designed and commissioned by Mummadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar of Mysore Dynasty in 1864. The prime purpose of Kukkarahalli Lake at that point was to provide irrigation water to land in vicinity of Mysore. Excessive encroachments have led to reduction in area of Kukkarahalli Lake and restoration process is underway with help of University of Mysore and citizen forum in Mysore which is making an earnest effort in bringing back the old elegance of Kukkarahalli Lake.

The catchment area of Kukkarahalli Lake is around 414 square kilometres and it spreads over an area of 62 hectares.


The lake is located within the city limits of Mysore and can be easily approached from any portion of the city. Kukkarahalli Lake adjoins the University of Mysore and Central Food Technological Research Institute Campus in Mysore City.


A lined walking track is one of the biggest attractions of Kukkarahalli Lake which draws the attention of nature lover and morning walkers who come over to the lake in large numbers. The 4.5 km walkway surrounds the lake and gives one the opportunity to explore nature from close quarters in a busy city like Mysore.

The lake is home to 180 species of birds including some of aquatic species. Birds from as far as Siberia migrate to Kukkarahalli Lake during certain parts of the year giving an excellent opportunity to avid bird watchers to study these bird species.

Bird watching expeditions used to be organized at the lake in the recent years. Mysore Amateur Naturalists Association used to play a pivotal role in the same. However, increased human interference led to decrease in number of bird species at the Lake.

A restoration grant of Rs 91 Lakh provided by Asian Development Bank and Karnataka Urban Development Corporation in 2003 acted as a life booster for the Lake and the old glory of Kukkarahalli Lake was restored to a large extent.

Today, the lake is home to large number of Spot-billed Pelicans, Openbill Storks, Black-crowned Night Herons and Painted Storks.

Birdlife International, an organization working towards preservation of avian life has included the lake as an Important Bird Areas (IBAs) in Karnataka State in its priority list.
The lake provides opportunity to researchers to explore the avian fauna of Southern India and understand the behaviour of migratory birds which visit the lake occasionally.

How to Reach

Kukkarahalli Lake lies within the city limits of Mysore and can be approached comfortably from any part of the city. The lake is located at Saraswathipuram in Mysore and you can hire auto rickshaw or taxi from the local bus station for the lake.

Mysore is well connected by air, rail and road route and can be explored during any part of the year.

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