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Karanji Kere

Located in Mysore city of Karnataka State, Karanji Lake or Karanji Kere as it is popularly known is a walker’s paradise. The lake surroundings have a nature park which is home to a butterfly park. A walk through aviary exists at Karanji Kere which is credited as being the largest walk through Aviary in India.

The lake is spread across an area of 45 hectares and is controlled by Mysore Zoo Authority.


Once home to migratory birds like egrets and herons, Karanji Kere has been polluted in the recent times due to industrial and domestic sewage spilling over in the lake. However, a massive restoration endeavour is underway due to joint preservation efforts being taken by Asian Development Bank, Zoo Authority of Karnataka and Karnataka Urban Infrastructure Development Finance Corporation.

Due to these restoration efforts being taken by the Government authorities, Karanji Kere is slowly regaining its old look. Construction of the Butterfly Park and initiation of boating facilities are part of the restoration process.


Karanji Kere is located on one edge of Mysore Zoo. The lake lies on Lalitha Mahal Road in the city of Mysore. Mysore Sports Club is also located in vicinity of Karanji Kere.


The walk through aviary at Karanji Kere which is regarded as the largest in India is a distinct specialty of the lake. The aviary has an artificial waterfall and some other water bodies which cater to the needs of the birds present in the aviary. Bird species as Hornbills, peacocks, black swans and turkeys are found in this aviary.

Butterfly Park is another attraction at Karanji Kere which attracts a large number of visitors on daily basis. 45 species of butterflies are found in this park. Regional Museum of Natural History also operates from the vicinity of Karanji Kere and has a rich collection of floral and faunal wealth of South India. A bird watching tower has been erected in the lake complex and provides one a fair view of the lake surroundings and bird species which are present in the area.

School children visit Regional Museum of Natural History and Karanji Kere on daily basis in large numbers as the lake has a rich biodiversity of floral and faunal wealth.

The lake complex is home to a large number of bird species and as per a recent study conducted, the lake has over 147 species of migratory birds which visit the lake throughout the year. Some of the common species found at Karanji Kere include Egrets, Rose ringed parakeet, Sunbird and Herons among numerous others.

How to Reach

Karanji Kere lies close to Mysore Zoo. The lake lies on Lalitha Mahal Road. The lake can be approached through private and public transport from any part of Mysore City with ease. Mysore is well connected by air, rail and road route and the city can be easily approached by any of these means.

Karanji Kere Lake is open to general public from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm on all days of the week, except Tuesday. An entry fee of Rs 10/- has to be paid to enter the lake complex premises. Those desirous of trying their photography skills at the lake has to pay an additional amount of Rs 10/-.

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