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Lingambudhi Lake

Lingambudhi Lake serves as a reserve for its rich biodiversity. The lake has greenery all around, which has made it a favorite tourist spot among nature lovers. People come here to spend some quality time that keeps you away from the noise of city.


This lake dates back to 1828 and got its name from Lingajammanni, who belonged to the Wodeyar family that ruled Mysore during this time. The lake provides irrigation to the surrounding land of about 200 acres. The lake was not given any attention till 1980s. At that time, it was a regular lake of the village. However, the water was a rich source of fish. This lake’s water was also used to wash clothes and to clean the cattle.

In 2001, Forest Department proposed to make the lake and surrounding area under as protected area and that took about 2 years to be accepted. Finally in 2003, this place was turned into a protected forest. This lake lies in the hands of Forest Department.


Lingambedhilake is located to the southwest of Mysore city and is about 8km from city center. It is located at an altitude of 730m above sea level. It has a catchment area of about 45 square km.


This is a vibrant lake with lush green surroundings. The quiet lake with its peace and calm looks delightful. It’s also the right place for bird watchers. It is a favorite spot for migratory birds and also sometimes referred as their flying highway. One can find some truly spectacular species of birds here.

Tropical dry deciduous and secondary shrub and semiarid grass land can be found near lake. Water flows downstream and a part of shoreline is covered by Typha, Scripus, Pandanus etc.

This lake has plenty of butterflies. In a span of about 10 years, more than 100 species of butterflies are seen near the lake. It offers a pleasure to watch a variety of butterflies. Some popular butterfly species are also seen around the lake.

How to Reach

Mysore is conveniently located and is accessible by various modes of transport and is well connected to all parts of Karnataka.

By Air

There is a small airport at Mysore that connects it to Bangalore.

By Rail

The rail network is also efficient and connects various cities to Mysore.

By Road

Frequent buses run between Mysore and other cities. The lake can also be accessed by private cars.

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