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Hebbal Lake

Hebbal Lake is an important water body and one of the oldest lakes in Bengaluru. It covers a vast area and also has a beautiful and well-maintained garden that attracts a large number of visitors. There are many recreational facilities available for those who want to combine fun with nature-watching.


Hebbal Lake is believed to have been created by Kempe Gowda, the erstwhile ruler of Bangalore in 1537. It is one of the three lakes that are credited to his efforts. The lake was created through a process of building multiple dams that connected the various natural valleys. Most lakes and reservoirs in the city have a similar engineering concept behind their existence.

The Improvements

The Hebbal Lake was earlier managed and maintained by the State Forest Department but the management changed hands in 2002. A non-profit organization, the Lake Development Authority was set up for maintenance and management of this and many other lakes in the region.

Water pollution caused by urbanization of the surrounding areas combined with poor maintenance systems led to the Hebbal Lake slipping up in its popularity ratings. The restoration process undertaken in 1998 saw a number of major changes being carried out to improve the eco-system of the lake. The beautification measures included creation of two artificial islands to attract more birds. These measures have proved to be extremely successful. Today, the blooming islands are populated with local as well migratory birds of various species.

What Makes the Lake Special?

The Hebbal Lake is unique in the sense that it dries up during summer months but regains its amazing beauty and splendor during the monsoon season. This happens unfailingly, every year. The lake appears to stand in a green oasis surrounded by tall, lush green trees. They are adorned with flowers of various colors, adding to the enchanting beauty of the place. There is a well-constructed walkway around the lake that helps visitors have a nice look at the late from close quarters at their leisure. The sunrise and sunset at this place are far too enchanting to be missed.

The Birds at Hebbal Lake

Visitors to Hebbal Lake are treated to the amazing visuals of a large variety of birds that have made the banks of the river and the islands, their home. A number of migratory birds also come here including some rare species believed to be from the Himalayas. Around 70 species of water birds were visible here at one point in time, but the growing pollution levels in the air and water has resulted in a decline in these numbers. The small islands on the river are places where birds nestle and breed as it is a more secure place than the banks and the main river.

Information for Visitors

Tourists visiting the place can walk around the various types of trees, watch birds, take an early morning jog, or spend endless hours photographing the changing landscape contours as the sun rises and sets.

The lake is open for public from 7.00 AM to 8.00 PM on all days of the week.

How to Reach

By Road

Hebbal Lake is approximately 10 km from Bangalore main city and can be reached using local buses, taxis or autos.

By Rail

The nearest railway station, Bangalore railway is 11 km from the lake.

By Air

The nearest airport is the Kempegowda International Airport at 29 km from Hebbal Lake.

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