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Kubja River

Karnataka State is one of the prominent southern states of India. Karnataka along with other regions in south form Indian peninsula. Karnataka State has many rivers in its region. Kundapur and Gangulli are places in western coastal district of Udupi. Kubja river flows through these towns. Kubja is not a big river. It flows quietly and is joined by four more rivers along the route, finally pouring into the Arabian Sea. Souparnika, Varahi, Chakra and Kedaka are other rivers which merge together along the route. Most river names have some mythological connection. There are references about the name Kubja in ancient records, indicating that the river, although small existed since long.

Kubja river and its partners together form a medium sized water body. Most rivers in Karnataka flow eastward to finally merge with Bay of Bengal. However, a few exceptions like Kubja river flow westward to merge with the Arabian Sea. This river system of Kubja, Souparnika, Varahi, Chakra and Kedaka together has substantial potential for irrigation in adjoining areas. The places along its journey are revered by the local population. The river is treated as holy. Devotees take a holy dip at various places on the banks of the river and offer prayers. Tourists find temples along the Kubja river’s course. The activity of Religious tourism is found along the course of the river Kubja.

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