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Honnamana Kere

Honnamana Kere is one of the most beautiful lakes in Karnataka and the biggest in Coorg. It has great spiritual relevance and is believed to be blessed by Goddess Honnamana. There is a temple built nearby the lake in the memory of the Goddess which attracts a large number of devotees and visitors regularly.

What Makes the Place Special?

Honnamana Kere Lake is lies amidst beautiful mountains, hills and enchanting coffee plantations. The natural beauty of the place has a mesmerizing effect on visitors. The lake is situated between the famous hills of Mori Betta and Gavi Betta. The spectacular views the place offers include the manmade caves, believed to have been created by the Pandavas during their movement in their exile period.

Brief History

The Honnamana Lake is situated in Daddamalthe, a place that’s close to Sulimalthe village. This village is approximately six kilometers from the main town of Somwarpet. According to local folklore, the Goddess Honnamana was committed to the welfare of the people and sacrificed her life for their good. Soon after, the villagers erected a temple in her memory.

Highlights of the Place

One of the major highlights of the place is the ritual called Bagina. The event is a huge attraction and involves special ceremonies and traditional customs which are performed on a grand scale and can truly be a moving moment. You can also make sightings of wild animals at specific times of the year. Wild cats and elephants are present in the nearby forests in large numbers.

The emerald-coloured mountains and fragrant coffee plantations are the reasons why tourists get attracted to the lake.  You can also enjoy boating and fishing in the Honnamana Kere. The densely forested area in the surroundings allows you to get a close view of the lush green and stunningly beautiful nature. Traditionally, newlywed couples visit Honnamana Kere to make offerings to the Goddess during Gowri pooja.

The temperature hovers from 16 to 27 degrees throughout the year making the climate extremely pleasant. You can visit Honnamana Kere throughout the year but the monsoon season is ideal as the whole place transforms dramatically with the green carpet getting denser and more beautiful and the water level in the lake reaching its peak levels.

How to Reach

By Road

Honnamana Kere is 125 km from Mysore, about 159 km from Mangalore and 259 km from Bengaluru. There are many state transport buses plying on the Mysore-Coorg and Bengaluru-Coorg route. You can also hire private cars and taxis.

By Train

Donigal Railway Station which is about 35 Km away from the Honnamana Kere is the nearest railway station.

By Airport

The nearest domestic airport Mangalore is 159 km away. The nearest international airport is Kempe Gowde Bengaluru which is 259 km away.

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